Caravan Palace / Preview / 24.01.20

Pioneers of the electro-swing scene Caravan Palace will be making a triumphant arrival in Leeds this Friday, at the local O2 Academy. The French legends are sure to fill the floor of the venue with dancing, as their status as a staple of the cult music genre remains unrivalled.

Gig-goers can expect to see the same energy expressed in Caravan Palace’s previous headline shows, with live instrumentals and invigorating dancers onstage; it is this unique aspect of the band’s shows that keeps fans coming back for more, despite electro-swing’s slide out of the mainstream in recent years. 

This tour is following up from the release of their latest album Chronologic, in which their distinct peppy swing turned to a more dreamlike sound style through production, with each track featuring this cohesive ambience. It features their many different vocalists, with key singer Zoé Colotis, alongside new guest voices Charles X and Tom Bailey on separate tracks. Though most tracks performed on the night by the band will undoubtedly be from this new release, hopefully a few old fan favourite tracks will be heard too.

Caravan Palace are performing at O2 Academy, 24.01.2020. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.