Rifffest Takes Over Belgrave This Saturday

Exams are over. We have a final free weekend before the work begins again. What better way to spend your time than indulging in the best ‘scuzzy fuzzy chaos’ at Rifffest?

Riffest is a day festival held at Belgrave Music Hall on the 25th of January. Renowned for being one of the coolest venues in Leeds, Belgrave is the perfect place to hold the festival. If you love your scuzzy rock, then this is the place for you. Crows headline, as the end date to their much anticipated UK tour. Having amassed tens of thousands of views on their YouTube channel, Crows are sure to pump life into the crowd with their heavy guitars and great beats. Any fan of garage rock will be sure to find a special place in their heart for Crows.

Strange Bones and Brooders also take pride of place at the top of the lineup. Not only are Brooders playing the festival, they can also be credited for aiding in its organisation. Describing themselves as ‘psychedelic grunge’, Brooders are definitely a band to watch out for. Strange Bones boast heavy rock rhythms alongside anthem-like choruses. Think Brit-Pop meets heavy rock, and you have yourself a Strange Bones track. Angsty tracks such as ‘God Save the Teen’ and ‘We the Rats’ are sure to get people going. 

Dead Naked Hippies and Calva Louise are also additions to the rock-fuelled lineup. With their latest single, produced by Tom Dalgety (Pixies, Royal Blood, Rammstein), Dead Naked Hippies are expected to bring the nostalgia of grunge’s greatest tunes. Calva Louise are the providers of quirky and catchy guitar riffs and melodies. Their fuzzy-rock and strong female vocals make for an unforgettable listen. Rock lovers can also indulge in the music of upcoming bands DENSE and 99% Cobra. Hailing from Leeds, I have no doubt that DENSE will fill the stage with incredible energy and loud guitars, a perfect starter for the day. 99% Cobra are a recent creation, beginning in 2018. However, they have already amassed a good following and are sure to make great waves in the world of scuzzy rock. 

If you love proper, DIY rock, then Riffest is the perfect place to be. Each band remains true to the rules of rock and roll, whilst adding their own unique twists. All in all, Riffest is going to be an exceptional day, the pints will be flowing, the crowd will be cheering and the guitars will be blasting. What more could you want?

Amelia Vietri