DJ Boring Brings The Boogie To Wire, 23.01.20

Trading 6 hour stints in the library for a boogie in Wire will have felt phenomenal for any student who had to endure the exam period. For many, Thursday night was the first off from a gruelling schedule of revision; relentless Red Bull consumption could be replaced by relentless Red Stripe consumption – this sense of accomplishment had everyone in the finest of moods, and ready for the tech grooves of DJ Boring.

Hailing from Melbourne, a melting pot of 909 house palettes and thumping four-to-the- floor, (real name) Tristan Hallis moved to London in 2015, unaware of the ever-growing DJ movement in England. He first came to prominence after the release of ‘Winona’, a lo-fi house banger that his friend forced him to post on Soundcloud having never heard his music. 4 million Spotify streams later, and Boring sees himself at the forefront of a scene spear-headed by DJ Seinfeld and Palms Trax.

Wire was completely sold out. Anyone trawling through the infamous ‘Leeds Uni Tickets’ Facebook group will have been aware of the demand for this event; the tickets were like gold dust. DJ Boring’s eloquent mix of afro-tech, disco and house hypnotised the audience from the minute the first record was played, right until he faded out the last. Boris Dlugosch’s ‘Sing It Back’ triggered 4 minutes of euphoria, with everyone passionately singing the contagious dance-pop chorus back to the selecta.

DJ Boring’s devotion to the dance floor is incredibly admirable. He two steps between the decs with more energy than the crowd at moments, whilst a consistent grin spans across his face. All those all-nighters in the library seemed worth it come Thursday, with Boring behind the decs and fans buzzing in the arches of Leeds’ best underground venue.