In The Middle with Mollie Coddled

Mollie Coddled is a Dream-pop artist based in Leeds, with an intimate sound. She released her Debut single “Honey” in July 2018, and was soon invited into the BBC Introducing York for a live session which was said to be “[t]he quickest turnaround of a new artist coming into the uploader and then in for a session in [their] history”. Our writer Sarah Ashford-Brown sat sat down with her to get to know her a little better. 

Q) Hi Mollie, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. So first things first, how long have you been making music for? 

A) I started playing guitar when I was 14 but I have only been making music for 2 years!

Q) Oh this is very recent, have you always wanted to be a singer?

A) I actually wanted to be a vet when I was really young which is random I know, but ever since I first picked up a guitar I’ve known music is what I want to do.

Q) Is your family musical?

A) My parents were very passionate about music and introduced me to a lot of alternative stuff like The Cocteau Twins and The Smiths, some bands who have inspired me from a young age.

Q) What’s the main inspiration behind your songs?

A) I only tend to write songs when I’m feeling very passionately towards something, usually when something significant has recently happened to me.

Q) I see you’ve been covering quite a few artists on Sound cloud, do you take inspiration from them?

A) I take a huge amount of inspiration from Easy Life, one of the bands I cover a lot. I have seen them grow from a small town band to being very well known and I really respect that.

Q) What draws you to their sound? 

A) They infuse their music with lots of different genres; Hip hop, Jazz, R&B- which all blend so seamlessly together. I’d never heard anything like it before I listened to them, which is what makes them so unique.

Q) Do you make all your music on your own? 

A) I’m a bedroom pop artist so, yes. I write, record and produce all of my music on my own on my laptop.

Q) You’re about to release your first music video for your latest single ‘Love Deprived’, can you tell us more about the concept behind it?

A) I took inspiration from Clairo’s video ‘4EVER’. I didn’t want the video to be very serious as I don’t take myself very seriously and honestly I like to have fun so the music video is kind of just a reflection of my personality.

Q) Seems like fun, for any readers who are intrigued by your sound, do you have any live dates coming up?

A) All of my gigs are listed on my website ( My next gig is at Headrow House, Leeds on January 31st supporting Jazz Artist Lucy Lu. 

Q) Amazing, finally i’m dying to know if you’re working on any new music? 

A) Always! I have another single lined up and an EP in the making which will be released in the next couple of months, so keep those eyes peeled! 

To find more about Mollie Coddled click here