In The Mix with… Thank

Thank are a noise-rock band who have long been traversing the Leeds DIY circuit. Freddy’s frenzied vocals spew clever lyrics and various other anguished sounds, while their expansive, squealing synths weave in and out of punchy drums and noisy guitar sections. 

For the first instalment of In the Mix, Freddy from Thank has compiled 10 songs that have recently caught his attention, as well as those that complete his running playlists and karaoke sets. Catch Freddy and the rest of Thank around your favourite dingy gig venues later this year.

1.The Young Knives – Red Cherries

This band’s transition from mild mannered indie pop to… whatever this is (?) has been a joy to witness. At a few points, this track almost veers into ‘90s industrial sorta territory. Very stoked for a new album (which they seem to have been hinting at for at least two years now).

2. Not Waving – Where Are We? (feat. Marie Davidson)

Marie Davidson’s vocal on this distills all my favourite parts of her ‘Working Class Woman’ solo record, and Not Waving’s production is so elastic sounding. A banger.

3. GHÖSH – Dear Daddy

Sentiment fully backed.

4. Full of Hell – Armory Of Obsidian Glass

I usually like my grindcore a lot sillier than this, but the latest Full of Hell album has burrowed its way under my skin somehow. This is the one slow song of the bunch. Well spooky.

5. Show Me The Body – Not For Love

I’ve recently been trying (and mostly failing) to get into running. This is the centrepiece of my running playlist, so if you’d like to imagine me getting hot and sweaty, this should help.

6. Pavement – Starlings Of The Slipstream

Pavement are reuniting again for Primavera this year and I truly cannot believe it. I became friends with Lewis (Thank guitar/synth man) during freshers week of uni when we discovered our mutual obsession with Pavement.

7. M-G Dysfunction – Y.R.E. (Yuppies Ruin Everything)

Fred from ZoZo has a solo project called Fred M-G, he also has a side project from THAT called M-G Dysfunction. It’s confusing, but this is a bop.

8. Taylor Hawkins – I Really Blew It

Definitely a lot more “rock” than anything else I’m currently into. I heard this by chance at a talk given by Sylvia Massy (one of the best mixing engineers in the world IDST) and the way she put this together is unreal. Plus, Perry Farrell’s vocal spot is utterly depraved.

9. Joe Jackson – Steppin’ Out

I love karaoke, and this is the latest addition to my karaoke repertoire. I’m not very good at it yet. You might recognise it from the GTA: Vice City soundtrack.

10. Slagheap – Power Shower

Slagheap is your new favourite band! Playing in Leeds for the first time ever in February! Lovely people! From Bristol!

Safi Bugel 

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