Skin Care for the New Year

During the colder months, most people find that their skin changes. Whether that means you suffer from breakouts or your skin becomes dry, it is nothing to worry about because it is extremely common and can be fixed very easily. Regardless of the reason for your dry skin, be it natural or a result of external factors, such as the cold, there are many ways to heal your skin and prevent it from drying out this winter. 

Why does my skin dry out in the cold?

When the temperature drops, the air loses it humidity which results in less moisture absorption by your skin. Adding to this, air-conditioning and heating dehydrates your skin even more. Many skincare products also help reduce oiliness of the skin, drying it out in the process, but you need hydrating products in order to keep your skin healthy, glowing and clear. 

What products will help keep my skin clear and moisturised? 

The first product that I would recommend is Kiehl’s ‘Ultra Facial Cleanser’, which is amazing! Having used it every night for over two years, it has cleared up my skin instantly, and still does, leaving my skin feel super soft after washing it. Although it is in the higher price range (£16.50), it’ll last you for ages and is so worth it. If you suffer with bad skin, it is definitely recommended for you to buy this product – it will surely change your life.

After cleansing, I use Nivea’s ‘Soft Moisturizing Cream’ (£2.75) which I swear by. I was hesitant at first, thinking it would cause my skin to break out, but it doesn’t at all and instead leaves my skin feeling super hydrated after. I apply a generous amount every evening all over my face and neck, massaging it in circles on my face to promote circulation. For such a low price you really can’t go wrong using this.

Recently, I have also been obsessed with The Body Shop. While the brand did appear childish to me at first, I now love it after trying many of their products. Not only are they affordable, their products are also cruelty-free. One of my skincare essentials is their ‘Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter’ (£11). I use this every morning and also to remove my makeup. Over-cleansing is often a main cause for dry skin, which is why this product is perfect. It is really gentle, so it’s perfect for dry skin since it won’t agitate it any further and will leave your skin feeling very soft. This product is being raved about at the moment, and once you’ve tried it, you will understand why!

Another product from The Body Shop that I love is the ‘Hemp Overnight Nourishing Rescue Mask’ (£18). They have a whole Hemp collection and all of it is great for dry skin because Hemp Seed Oil is known to help restore the skin barrier and lock in moisture, which is exactly what you want to do when you have dry skin. I have been using this product for the last couple of months when I feel like my skin is really dehydrated. I also exfoliate one or two times a week in order to remove any dead skin, leaving your skin softer and appear much more even. The exfoliator I’m using at the moment is Liz Earle’s ‘Gentle Face Exfoliator’ (£12), a brand that uses only natural ingredients. It is also important to not over-exfoliate as it can make your skin become more oily. 

What else can I do to keep my skin hydrated?

  1. Drink lots of water! It sounds simple and obvious, but it does make a huge difference, making your skin not only clearer but also have that glowing look.
  2. Have cooler showers – hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and can really dry out your skin.
  3. Try and cook with oils such as coconut oil and olive oil which will benefit your skin.

Stella Jones