Why we should focus on Galentine’s day as much as Valentine’s day?

Typically, we see the 14th of February as a day where couples can express their love to the world, and by definition Valentine’s day is a day you’re meant to anonymously show your romantic love for someone through a card or gift. This tradition has gone on for years but with the end to the first month of the New Year let’s make a new tradition. Valentine’s day is an expression of romantic love, but what about all the other people you love? Introducing the not as famous but ever so needed Galentine’s day! Now I know what you’re thinking a day where I have to do something with my partner and show my friends and family, I love them too all sounds a bit much. Not to fear. Galentine’s day is on the 13th of February, so your week of love has dedicated days to those who you wish to appreciate. 

Now, Galentines day is often seen as a sad bunch of lonely girls trying to avoid the feeling of heartbreak by being together. Unfortunately, I won’t be accepting this traditional media view. Instead Galentines, like Valentines should be just as common and not for the lonely-hearts club. It should be a celebration of your love for your friends, be it girls or boys, and it should give you a day to express your love, not just romantically. So, maybe this year, instead of mopping around or dedicating your night to a not so hot date why don’t you have a Galantines night in or out with your nearest and dearest. For the past four years I’ve celebrated both Valentines and Galentines day and let me tell you each Valentine has been with a different boy (my relationship status is shocking I know) but each Galentine has been with the same group of friends. This is because more often than not friendships last a life time. This may not be every case and trust me if you’re in love with a special someone that’s amazing and of course you should celebrate it but don’t forget the gals or boys who’ve your back when you need it the most.

Hopefully I’ve persuaded you to want, if not NEED, a Galentines night this year. So now the big question remains, what should we do? It’s easy! End that January diet in dedication for the 13th and grab a takeaway, watch a movie wand sip on a bottle of wine (yes, I’ve done this too much) or go out for some nice food and treat yourself. Leeds has endless possibilities for date nights, but instead of taking a date take a mate. This isn’t meant to put you off your boy/girlfriend it is just an opportunity to do something with everyone you love and to make this weekend even more memorable. This year let’s make our own tradition, instead of this one date symbolising something for the romantics lets include everyone and show our nearest and dearest what they mean on the 13th and 14th. From something little like the classic secret admirer card to a designated Galantines date night, make these days something to remember for all the right reasons.

Siobhan Dale