Blossoms Celebrate Love on New Album, Foolish Loving Spaces

Following on from the success of their first two studio albums, Stockport’s five-piece indie-pop band are back with their latest record, Foolish Loving Spaces.

An album described by the band as “a pure celebration of love”, Foolish Loving Spaces is a creation inspired by the likes of U2, Talking Heads and Primal Scream. Blossoms are a band known for using a masterfully blended combination of guitars and synths, with their new album being no exception to this. However, how the band has blended these instruments seems to have changed, with the synths taking on less of crucial role, allowing for melodies and hooks from guitar, bass and even piano to take centre stage, more so than they did in the previous albums. In an attempt to experiment with their distinctive sound, the band have added some refreshing touches to the album, including a gospel choir, which perfectly complements frontman Tom Ogden’s pop vocals and cleverly straight forward and relatable lyrics.

Foolish Loving Spaces is exactly what you’d expect from a Blossoms album. It’s an extremely upbeat record full of catchy songs that don’t fail to get stuck in your head. The only exception to this being ‘My Vacant Days’, which is a much slower, acoustic styled song. However, despite it being slower, the track does not feel out of place on the record, but instead demonstrates the depth and variation that this album has.

Overall, Foolish Loving Spaces feels more mature and sounds how a third album should sound. You get the idea that Blossoms no longer believe they have to prove how good they are to anyone and thus it feels as if Foolish Loving Spaces was a record that Blossoms were able to just have fun with. Without the pressure of living up to their previous successes, Blossoms have been able to create some of their best material yet, as well as a feel-good album that is incredibly fun to listen to.