“Clean-up in Aisle 1”: Cardigan Road Co-op Roof Collapses

The roof of Co-Operative Food on Cardigan road caved in causing the store to close.

The roof caved in in two places in the Co-Operative Food store on Cardigan Road at around 11am this morning.

No one was hurt as a result.

A worker at Co-Op said the store had to be temporarily closed to deal with the mess. The store is due to reopen within the hour.

The collapse was caused by a large storm “Ciara” which caused water to seep through the roof. This caused the tiles to fall down as well as damage to the electrical wiring.

There is also damage to the store’s stocks and flooding in the warehouse.

It also wasn’t the only damage in the area. The fence at Editor-In-Chief Ed Barnes’ house blew down. There are also multiple reports of bins tipping in the Hyde Park and Headingley area.

Image: Tom Birchy