A Collaboration to Create Momentary Bliss

After introducing the concept of a ‘Song Machine’ to us all earlier last week, it has become clear that Gorillaz are ditching the album for a new, episodic approach when it comes to releasing new music regularly – their first release being ‘Momentary Bliss’.

This track is accompanied by the announcement of what ‘Song Machine’ really is, all episodes of which will feature studio footage, interviews with collaborators and obviously the stunning cartoon visuals that we all love from Gorillaz.

The Damon Albarn-fronted animated group has teamed up with the likes of Slowthai and Slaves for ‘Momentary Bliss’, taking heavy influence from the classic, British punk style of music that both Slaves and Slowthai regularly pay homage to, while still possessing the electronic, trip hop sound that we always expect from Gorillaz.

The three artists are all well-known for their participation in politically charged tracks, and while ‘Momentary Bliss’ sounds idyllic, it seems apparent that this track isn’t much different. It is possible that our vocalists allude to various concepts surrounding the complacency of individuals in society and the idea of individuals selling their soul for a chance at some ‘Momentary Bliss’. However, the song is addressed to ‘Rita’ throughout, typically symbolic of some sort of romantic interest being involved here, so it is arguable that our narrator is expressing their feelings towards ‘Rita’ all the while simultaneously educating her on their worldview – ‘we could do so much better than this’.

As if this collaboration wasn’t exciting enough for fans, Gorillaz’s animated guitarist Noodle recently shared a post to his Instagram featuring the cartoon Gorillaz gang invading Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’ album artwork – is a collaboration between the two groups on the cards? We can’t wait to find out.

Kelsey Raynor