The Strokes Announce Their Long Awaited Return

The Strokes may be immensely popular, but it’s safe to say that we’ve felt a bit of radio silence from them. While the New York based band have been headlining various festivals in America recently, there’s been a fair lack of love for us on the other side of the pond, with the hope that ‘someday’ this might change. That is, until now. 

On February 4th, the Strokes announced two surprise gigs in Europe, as well as a festival appearance in Belfast. Out of nowhere. Quite rightly, the hype was unreal, with many Brits even trying to get their hands on last minute flights for the occasion. They will be playing in Berlin on the 14th February, and Paris on the 18th February. The only excuse to ditch your valentine’s day plans. 

And it didn’t end there. Their social media have been dropping gig announcements (along with a very funky variety of graphics) like there’s no tomorrow, with new gigs being announced in Norway, Finland and Sweden two days later. And while student loans might not always allow for gigs abroad, with an ever-increasing list of venues, it might not be too bold to assume that they might be gracing some more local venues with their presence soon.   

Calling these ‘surprise gigs’ is an understatement. The Strokes haven’t released any music in four years. So why tour now? Fans are speculating that this can only point to a brand-new album. This is weighted by their recent debut performance of a shiny new, yet classic Strokes song in New York. 

If the new song is anything to go by, the Strokes are bound to win back the love and attention of many.