Wire Gets Ambient for Daniel Avery, 31/01/20

Making a comeback for the first time in over two years, Daniel Avery hit up Wire’s soundsystem on the 31st January, with support from Leeds based DJs Zoe Pea and Josh.

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Due to his breakthrough 2013 album ‘Drone Logic’, my expectations were drone techno. As we entered at 2am, the event proceeded with progressive techno, which my friends described as “haunted, dark and minor”. The deep, chugging bassline kept the crowd going and, the more the night progressed, the harder it got. Avery gradually tried to introduce more melodic aspects, accompanied by some burning incense and scented candles to add to the ambiance. 

Wire was busy, but not as full as I’ve seen it in the past. I understand that Avery’s selection of music has previously bee described as ‘Hyper-rhythmic Minimalism’, yet the tunes he produces typically have a big beat feel and are more rhythmically and melodically interesting – I expected him to mix in a few of his own at the very least.

I had every intention to enjoy myself, but Avery’s selections were boring and very repetitive. He had an opportunity to wow the crowd and really take control, but I feel he took this opportunity for granted and the whole set lacked in variation. It is ironic how his album is titled ‘Drone Logic’, as the set did indeed drone on. ‘Hyper Minimalism’ – more like hyper minimal effort was put into his set.

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However, at 4am Zoe Pea brought the dance floor to life; her spirit shone into the music choices she made. Just as the dance floor was thinning out, she saved the night by genuinely injecting colour to the music. Spirits quickly elevated and everyone was finally raving.

Google describes Avery’s genres as ‘Dance/Electronic’ and ‘House’, which I don’t necessarily agree with.  I do like listening to Daniel Avery on Spotify as he has some bangers but seeing him live was a different story.

Chesca Henderson-Cox