Cooking with Paris: What finally got me cooking!

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Get ready to be blown away people! The queen, the influencer, the icon, the one who started it all, has launched a cooking show.

Yes, I am talking about the one and only Paris Hilton. I have been an admirer of the multi-talented Paris for years and was caught by surprise when I found out she was a cook par excellence too. She only recently debuted her new cooking show on her YouTube channel and I for one subscribed in a millisecond, and I guarantee you will too if you watch because it’s that good!

The super-talented Paris makes ‘sliving lasagna’, her own recipe for lasagna, and it is so easy to make! (And if you don’t know what sliving means then you don’t exist in 2020). I wonder why master chefs have always made such a big deal about lasagna, it is so simple. Or maybe I have finally found someone I can relate to and someone who understands my cooking skill set and can give me advice accordingly. Full disclosure I can’t cook, I just can’t, but the recipe Paris demonstrated was so easy to follow that even I have now been converted into a cook. Or at least a lasagna expert, and my flat mates will vouch for this! (Aside from flat mates: if we can ever find our palates again).

I think it also has to do with the fact that you have to have the right vibe, ‘pasta vibes’ as Paris says, and yes I could feel the correct atmosphere in this video. The presence of Diamond Baby, her assistant, may have been a contributing factor to the vibe of this tutorial; I have a feeling Diamond Baby is going to be a permanent fixture in the kitchen as this beautiful animal just exudes kitchen confidence.

Paris knows what she is doing [if you know what I mean]. Like all pros she gives us the ingredient list and identifies how you can make things easier, for example by using non-steaming lasagna and pre-shredded mozzarella, for I totally agree with her that grating mozzarella is brutal. I mean one can lose a finger!

 Also, Paris at one point says, “all these spoons are brutal”. This had me shook. Yes! Spoons are brutal. I’ve been saying this my whole life but no one agreed with me, but now the queen has said it and of course everyone will agree.

Her technique was flawless: you could tell by the way she put the lasagna strips in the water and her method of cooking the meat on low heat. This was the first time she was using this kitchen so we can give her some leeway, as we all know it takes a while to get used to the layout, but she handled it like a pro. Even with a lack of proper utensils, I mean spoons are brutal, she made do.

Her self-awareness and confidence, even when things are not the way she wants them, are just life goals. She takes everything in stride and just goes with it. Like with grating mozzarella, it was brutal, but she did it! She is also okay with making mistakes. She put too much salt in the meat so she just used a wet paper towel to remove the excess.  She uses bottled water to wet the paper towel for she is so conscientious about that kind of stuff. I mean the fact that she was wearing fingerless chef gloves while cooking is proof enough.  

And like a true cook she added Himalayan salt just because her instincts told her to. How many times has that happened when you have failed to follow your instincts and later regretted it? But Paris knows to follow her gut; the savoir faire of this woman is amazing.

She gives so many brilliant pro tips like using sunglasses for chopping onions, and being careful if you have long hair for it can catch on fire, using bottled water instead of tap water in case it is contaminated etc. the list is endless.

If you are interested in these and of course the actual recipe you can watch the YouTube video, I’m just here to tell you that #chefparis was so good that for the first time in my life I have been inspired to cook #cookingwithparis. If this show keeps going, she will soon have over a billion subscribers and people eating out of her hands quite literally.  

To end this ode to beauty and food. Spotted on a kitchen towel in this lovely kitchen: ‘Sometimes a queen has to remind everyone why she’s queen’. Yes Paris, I am so glad you reminded me, you are truly the queen and a cooking goddess. Hashtag it. Its going to be trending worldwide.