What Do Girls Really Want For Valentine’s?

Mass panic, frantic shopping and ill-conceived hints; this can only mean one thing. Valentine’s Day is upon us again. But what are girls really after this February 14th and how the hell do you buy it?

Believe it or not, girls are actually quite easy to buy for. Yes, you did not read that wrong. This is because getting any sort of present in the first place is, in most cases, a declaration of feelings. Showing someone how much you care about them is undeniably what your girlfriend wants, both this Friday and all year round. So, whether you’ve spent £50 or £5, as cliché as it is, the thought is really what will count.

Much to the relief of many, presents of any type might, in fact, not be required. Cards with written messages are preferred by many and eliminate the stress of having to find a physical gift. Not only are they cheap, cards can be a very personal way to make your feelings clear. Taking your girlfriend out for dinner can also be a welcome substitute for a present. Plus, you both get to benefit from good food. It’s a clear win-win situation. The same goes for home-cooked meals and sweet-tasting presents. It’s rare that any girl will turn down the gift of chocolate. Buying her specific favourite type will definitely enhance this gift, illustrating how well you know her.

If your girlfriend is a true romantic, it’s likely that she’ll wish for flowers, the universal symbol of love and appreciation. Luckily for you, they’re inexpensive (no one will really be able to tell the difference if you got them from either M&S or Morrisons), basically sold everywhere and acting as the perfect gesture to show your feelings. Actions speak louder than words and receiving the physical gift of flowers is a lot more superior than texting a heart or flower emoji.

It’s also perhaps important to note some presents that you might want to avoid. Although presents are highly subjective, one girl’s dream present is likely another’s nightmare, so you want to generally avoid gifts that are more beneficial to yourself than her, such as a meal out at your favourite restaurant or tickets to something that she isn’t interested in. Whilst it’s good to do things together, it’s important to get the timing right on suggestions such as this. Also, don’t think that you have to be completely over the top, such as buying matching slogan t-shirts with each other’s faces on, just because this is the historical day of love.

My final advice is to ignore all of this. Every girl will have individual opinions and tastes, and therefore grouping them together into one easily purchasable gift is pretty inconceivable. Instead, for this Valentine’s, show your girlfriend that you appreciate her, and this doesn’t require an expensive price tag. Overall, what girls really want on February the 14th (and preferably throughout the entirety of the time you spend together) is simply to feel special.

Megan Johnson