Overmono @ Wire 05/02/20

Brothers Tom and Ed Russell, or Truss and Tessela if you look at their respective artist aliases, have been composing intergalactic breakbeat bangers for sometime. Tessela’s ’Hackney Parrot’ encapsulates every exciting element of electronic music: a killer vocal sample, spacey melodies and frantic crescendoing rhythms with an ear aching baseline. Last Wednesday, they took time off from a busy live schedule to play a DJ set in Leeds under their collaborative project Overmono. 

On arrival, we were expecting a mellow affair in Wire. ‘Le Tigre’, released on Overmono’s POLY011 records, is a vibey garage roller, and we were anticipating more of the same on Wednesday. This was a naive prejudgement to hold. As the Russell’s stepped behind the CDJs, Wire instantaneously turned into a Berlin warehouse, with the sinister, thumping four to the floor techno pulsating from its speakers. 

Warranting a wheel up, the Brothers span a frenzied remix of Rosalía’s ‘A Palé’, which took everyone off-guard. No one had time to admire the new tune, as Overmono’s highly percussive collaboration with Joy Orbison, ‘Bromley’, crept into the mix. In the clubbing sphere, this is one of the biggest tunes going at the moment, and you can see why. The abrupt vocal break instigated a wave of whistles from the crowd. 

If you thought that wasn’t enough, Overmono gave LSDXOXO’s rave ready ‘FREAKQUENCY’ a play; the tune selection was probably the best we had heard since starting uni here in Leeds. The Electric Boogaloo is a compulsory event for anyone who loves a broad selection of electronic music: “have a dance and have a good time” is their rather simple and understated philosophy. It is, however, impossible to attend their events and do neither of these. Keep your eyes peeled for any forthcoming nights from the party collective. 

Liam Cattermole