Review: Next in Fashion

Next in Fashion is a new Netflix series which consists of 18 designers from across the globe; who battle it out to win $250,000 and their own collection featured on Net-A-Porter.  Hosted by the fabulous Tan France, from Queer Eye and model/designer/presenter Alexa Chung, this series was bound to be a success. As it was Netflix’s first competitive fashion series, I was sceptical, however, there were no measures cut short! 

Each episode begins with a theme, from glamour to rock to activewear, this series covers all angles of design and gets the designers to work in both pairs and singularly so they can produce both a collective and individual vision. The contestants have two days to plan and produce one or more looks ready to walk down the runway within 48 hours. It displays the fast-paced lifestyle of fashion and covers issues such as fashion pollution as well as what its really like to work in the business.

 Although the designers competing aren’t currently household names, they have dressed people such as Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and more. This show gives them the visual representation and recognition they deserve while also showing their own style and technique. Each episode has special guest judges on to help the two hosts decide who should win the task and who will be sent home. Special guest judges include designers like Elizabeth Stewart and Jason Bolden, who are staples in the fashion world. 

The end of the series really showcases the final two designers’ talents as they have three days to create a collection made up of ten signature looks that are personal to them, their last outfit is a show stopper, and I definitely recommend if you are to watch any episode (if not the whole series) this is a must! I was astounded with their looks and passion for their art. It was truly amazing and an excellent process to watch from paper to fabric to runway. This series is perfect for aspiring designers as well as those who just enjoy fashion and clothing at its very basics. It was definitely one of the best series I have watched for a while and I am now ecstatic for season two!

Image Credit: IMDb