Ice-cream Parlour Scream To Open 11th March

Leeds University Union’s new ice cream parlour, Scream, is opening on Wednesday 11 March.

Scream will be open Monday to Friday from 11am to 9pm and replaces the previous outlet Salad Box, located opposite Pearls Bubble Tea downstairs in the Union building.

They will sell a wide range of ice cream flavours in tubs and cones, plus other sweet treats such as ice cream cookie sandwiches, brownie sundaes, shakes and floats.

One scoop cone or tub will cost £1.50 – and there will also be vegan ice-cream.

To maximise sustainability, Yorvale, a local family farm that uses low-energy production, will produce the ice-cream.

Scream will also serve all their products without any single-use plastic straws, spoons or containers.

They will have a 1950’s-style design based around classic cartoon characters.

Having tried the ice cream at the farm, I think students will love the flavours (my favourite was chocolate orange!) and I’m really pleased LUU is continuing to provide student employment opportunities on campus, creating new and different places for students to relax in.

Lauren Huxley, Union Affairs Officer