The Best Pancake Places in Leeds

Pancake day. The mere sound of those words makes me feel an instant craving for crispy fried batter, loaded with Nutella and other various unhealthy condiments. And I have a feeling I’m not alone… Therefore, following is a fully formed list of the best places in Leeds for you to get your hands on the sugary brunch food this Shrove Tuesday.  


It’s perhaps quite a pricey restaurant, but brunch at Bill’s is actually something I’d highly recommend. Plus, if you’re feeling especially hungry, they offer a five, yes five, stack of buttermilk pancakes for under a tenner. There’s also the option to incorporate the addition of smoked streaky bacon onto your dish which is a great option for all the meat-eaters out there. 


Maybe you’re not feeling that long walk into town? LS6 is the ideal location, pretty obvious since it’s literally named after its postcode, and it’s right around the corner from Woodhouse Moor, a short walk from campus. With its cute pastel colouring, this place is the perfect backdrop for cute Instagram photos. Plus, LS6 offer a more personalised ‘Build Your Own’ pancake stack. This is ideal for fussy eaters or if you’re having a specific craving. 

The Library/Dry Dock

Definitely the cheapest option on the list and also one of the most accessible, with the locations of both being a 10-minute max walk from uni. If you’re on a student budget- I envy you so much if you aren’t- then The Library or Dry Dock are the places to go. Both offer pancakes for only 25p (honestly the best bargain ever) and for toppings it’s an additional 50p. This way you can challenge yourself to eat as many pancakes as humanly possible, without breaking the bank. 

Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen 

Belgrave is maybe not your first pick for pancakes, it’s more famous for its incredible pizza (but that’s another story). However, this place offer pancakes specially for Shrove Tuesday too. The surroundings are pretty quirky; the walls are adorned with lots of neon light up signs- ten points from me if you can spot the sneaky Smiths reference behind the bar.


If you’re bored of the traditional pancake recipe, Bundobust (located near the train station) offers a Indian stylised dessert which incorporates mango pulp, rosewater, pistachio and pomegranate. Try something new this Pancake Day for an exotic twist to your meal. If you need extra persuasion, they’re gluten free and only a fiver. 

Hyde Park Book Club 

Secretly my personal favourite, Hyde Park Book Club is the option for all the vegans out there. The menu is peppered with toppings such as vegan ice-cream and vegan whipped cream. You can pair your pancakes with a fruit smoothie (because health) or vegan milkshake and sit back to enjoy their retro designed venue.

Olive and Rye 

Tucked away in the Queens Arcade, Olive and Rye is the ideal hideaway gem offering fancy table-service brunch, served all day. They also do waffles if you’re feeling rebellious and offer all the traditional toppings for a classic Pancake Tuesday. 

At home…

Tempting as I’m sure you’ll agree these options are, what’s better than getting your flat or student house together, in your desperately unclean kitchen, and bonding over your terrible cooking. With Co-op and Tesco selling ready-made batter, this is the best option for those who feel they may, like a homemade pancake, fall flat.

Megan Johnson