Doh’hut Review

Trapesing around in the rain, desperately searching for an inkling of the latest doughnut shop in Leeds, Doh’hut, wasn’t how I planned on spending my Friday afternoon. However, I soon found that nestled alongside the Marriott Hotel, overlooking Trevelyan Square, lies the ultimate hidden gem of bakeries…

From the outside, the premises appear small; the walls are white, and the sign is wooden. But this place needs no pink light-up neon signs – it isn’t Temple Doughnuts. For starters, anyone brave enough to open a doughnut shop literally a few metres away from Greggs must have a certain brash confidence in the superiority of their product.

The doughnuts are award winning; I can see why. My boyfriend and I shared three – it was a rough day at uni and sugar was urgently required. We tried the raspberry jam, vanilla bean crème patisserie and chocolate ganache, all of which were incredible. The raspberry was actually described by him as “the best doughnut I’ve ever had”. Despite the gooey jam slightly staining my new jeans (*sobs*), the sugary outer coating and creamy filling worked simultaneously to create the perfect tasty combination. All the fillings are classic and homemade, and this definitely comes across in the taste. The actual doughnut dough was really light and fluffy, personally I prefer this to a more stodgy thick batter. I could have eaten everything again about four times over, thankfully my bank balance stopped me making that, likely sickness inducing, choice. 

The price list ranges from two to four pounds for one doughnut. The most expensive option within that range involves personalising and building your own, selecting the individual filling, sauce and toppings. I don’t think this is too bad as a novelty, but maybe if you’re a doughnut addict, I’d stick with the cheap and cheerful Greggs classics. 

We sat down on the highchairs, at a long central breakfast table which seats six. It kind of forces you to socialise, which can be awkward when you’ve got sugar stuck round the corners of your mouth and jam dripping down your chin. However, there’s the alternative option of facing the wall at the far side of the shop, or simply getting your food to take away. Overall, Doh’hut as a premise gave classic minimalistic vibes, the light bulbs are left hanging bare and there’s no real decoration except little succulent plants on the tables. I guess when you know how good your doughnuts taste, you’ve got little need to hide behind over-the-top fancy decorations.

For next time, I’d definitely want to try the sandwiches, all of which are served on home baked baguettes with Yorkshire ingredients. It would be interesting to see if they make as much of an impression on me as the sweet snacks did.  

I’d recommend Doh’hut for anyone to try when they’re next in town craving a sugary dessert or snack. The doughnuts are sensational, and the place has a really fresh, calming feel. It’s definitely a must-try from me. 

Megan Johnson

Image credit: Doh’hut