University of Leeds Student Tested for Suspected Coronavirus

A University of Leeds student has been tested for suspected coronavirus. Two people in hazmat suits and an ambulance were reported by at least two people outside the Ellerslie Global Halls of Residence on Lyddon Terrace earlier today in relation to a suspected case.

It is not currently known whether the student tested positive. However, it must be noted that over 13,500 people have been tested across the UK as of 1 pm on Tuesday 3rd March but only 51 cases have been confirmed so far. Until a test has been confirmed positive, there is no cause for concern. This makes up 0.37% of those tested.

The UK is 13th in the world for the number of confirmed coronavirus cases with Italy, Iran, South Korea and China having significantly more cases and the virus has a low mortality rate for those aged 0-49. The BBC was criticized for not making axis lengths in data it presented clear enough to viewers and making it seem that the mortality rate amongst those 80+ was alarmingly high.

A student at a Leeds University tested earlier in the year but the results came back negative.

A University of Leeds spokesperson said:

“We continue to provide guidance and support to staff and students and to direct them to official sources of advice. Like Public Health England, we do not comment on suspected cases.”

The University of Leeds is encouraging people to head to the UK Government’s website in order to see the latest guidance on the issue.

There is currently no additional information at this time.