Neom Bedtime Hero Review: The Sleep Aid without Lavender

Everyone deserves a better night’s sleep. Though as all students know, sleep is not always high on our priority list. Big nights out, deadlines, noisy neighbours…sometimes getting forty winks can be a little tricky. We know sleep is good for us, and we could all do with a little help, or should I say…a Bedtime Hero?

Neom’s new range combines a blend of 11 pure, essential oils, including chamomile, cedarwood and ylang ylang. The scent is fresh and relaxing to prepare the mind and body for a dreamy night, and this sleep aid is formulated without lavender, because Neom knows that not everyone wants to smell like their Grandma!

In Neom consumer trials* 85% had a better night’s sleep after using Bedtime Hero products. 91% liked using the Bedtime Hero line as part of their evening routine.

Neom are a worthwhile brand to support. Founded in local Harrogate, it is still closely run by founders Nicola Elliott and Oliver Mennell. They only use 100% natural fragrances, recognising that the products we use have an impact on our skin.

I’ve been trying out the pillow mist, which I spritz onto my sheets and pillow before inhaling. The whole ritual of spraying and slowing down is relaxing – it’s like turning off the mind’s lights and signalling it’s time to sleep. The scent is comforting, and offers a lighter alternative to the lavender-based counterparts on the market. Without the lavender, the potency of this spray was less traceable the next day, so it won’t interfere with perfume/aftershave. The products are on the pricier side (starting at £20 for the pillow spray and essential oil), but for a naturally improved night’s sleep without the side effects of tablets, I would recommend giving them a try.

credit: Sarah Mortimore

The new Bedtime Hero scent is now available in a Pillow Mist, Essential Oil Blend, Candle, Magnesium Body Butter and Bath Foam. Prices start from £20.

*Consumer perception study over 7 nights on 107 people –

Pillow spray gifted by Neom Organics at launch event. All opinions are my own.