Women Around the World: 5 Most Empowering Solo Female Travel Bloggers

Travelling is an obsession, once you start you can’t stop. We all get excited when thinking of a new trip, who doesn’t? And what’s better than reading travel blogs or even seeing posts of female travellers on your Instagram feed?  So, if you are a travel freak, you must know about the women who have decided to live out of a suitcase and embark on the craziest adventure of their lifetimes, leaving everything behind. Here are 5 adventurous, independent, strong, empowering and wanderlust solo female travel bloggers who must be noted on International Women’s Day. 

Adventurous Kate 

At the age of 26, Kate (now 35) decided to turn her dream of travelling the world into a reality. In nine years Kate has been to all seven continents and more than 80 countries. Kate believes that women can travel solo anywhere in the world if they do the right research and preparation. She describes her passion as “teaching women how to travel solo”. Through her blog, she aims to destroy all the fearmongering that scares women from travelling solo and empower them to do so.  

Be My Travel Muse 

From hiking for 14 days in Nepal without a guide, to freediving with whales in the South Pacific, Kristin has created a successful and positive community for solo female travellers around the world: “Be My Travel Muse”. Seven years ago, she quit her job in finance to become a full-time traveller. Her vison of a better world is one where women “are empowered, brave, and confident in their abilities” and “explore other cultures, spend more time in nature, and come to love our world more”.  Kristin believes that solo travelling is the greatest way to promote these qualities. Her blog will inspire your travels to be more adventurous and reachable. 

Women on The Road 

There is no age for solo female travellers, and Leyla from “Women on The Road” created this blog to prove so. Leyla was inspired to travel and so decided to pack and planned a 6 months trip around the world that stretched to 3 and a half years. After visiting more than 90 countries, she created her blog and writes for women and especially those over 50 to encourage them to travel solo and empowers them through her travel tips and strategies. She believes that female solo travellers “shouldn’t be seen as an exception, odd or different”.  

The Blog Abroad or Glographics on Instagram

Gloria Atanmo has been living out of her suitcase since 2013. She created “The Blog Abroad” in 2015 and aims to inspire others to jump out of their comfort zones into planes and travel the world. She believes in the education of travel; therefore, she encourages others to learn about it. Not only does Glo share her travel stories through her blog and Instagram posts, but she also has a series of episodes of public journaling videos and podcasts on her IGTV. Topics range from ‘Letting go of the past’ to ‘Finding true happiness’ and everything in between. 

Dame Traveller 

Dame traveller was created in 2014 when ex-nurse Nastasia Yakoub, now full-time traveller, felt that the world needs a strong female travel community. Yakoub chose the word “Dame” for her blog because she wanted to accentuate the strength and fearlessness that comes when a woman travels solo as she believes that “she throws caution to the wind and she trusts the universe to protect her while she uses her instincts to make smart decisions”. Nastasia empowers and inspires women to get out of their comfort zones and travel the world through her blog. 

Fatima Abdelwahab

Image credit: Be My Travel Muse