Inhaler // Review // 21.02.2020

Haling in from Dublin, four-piece Inhaler brave the stormy weather with their tour and make their long-awaited return to Leeds to provide an unforgettable sold-out show.

The quartet don’t fail to live up to their reputation of being comparable to Echo and the Bunnymen and Editors. Perhaps more obviously there are sounds reminiscent of U2, particularly with frontman Elijah Hewson having undoubtedly grown up around their influence, being the son of Bono. While both their lyrics and sound remain modern, a single listen to ‘My Honest Face’ and it all becomes clear that Inhaler are producing a sound that is very much embedded within and endowed to another era – an era that the audience, including myself, love.

Doors opened promptly at 7:30 and Leeds Beckett’s Student Union filled up quickly with much of the audience appearing to be in great anticipation for Inhaler’s support act, FEET. Whom, needless to say, also put on a spectacular show and utilised every bit of stage space they had with their rock ‘n’ roll stage presence.

Inhaler took to the stage shortly after 9pm to deliver their short but sweet set, providing everyone with an eclectic mix of tunes. The group didn’t skimp out on new projects as they intertwined several new tracks with their much-loved ones such as ‘Ice Cream Sundae’ and ‘We Have to Move On’. Having been musically entwined with each other since their school days, the magnetism between the four was blatant as they exchanged glances of awe and happiness between themselves while performing – evidence that their Leeds crowd blew them away just as much as they put us in awe.

The mixture of fans that filled the venue only proved the their appeal to the masses and the great range of their sound further; with the crowd ranging from students to an older audience, more specifically this one biker-looking bloke at the bike who was evidently having the time of his life.

As the bands performance came to a close, much to the despair of their audience, it’s clear to see that the boys musical career together has only just begun.

All photos by Kelsey Raynor.