Ice Cream Shop Opens in LUU: Scream for Ice Cream!

It’s opening today, it’s the newest place to check out, it’s none other than Scream! This new ice cream parlour on campus might just be your new favourite spot. We headed down yesterday to try some locally sourced ice cream and are here to give you a sneak peak of what it’s all like.

Located just opposite Pearls downstairs in the union, replacing Salad Box, Scream is hard to miss. They’re offering more than 10 flavours of ice cream: banoffee to cherry swirl, as well as vegan options; one scoop will only cost you £1.50. You get a choice of cone or tub for how you want your ice cream served; you could even upgrade to a waffle cone for an extra 50p. But they don’t just sell ice cream! Sundaes, shakes, floats, brownies are some other goodies featured on their menu. They also have hot drinks such as coffee and tea for just £1 which is definitely a win for our student budgets.

We managed to try the ‘Lugosi’s Float’ and ‘Classic Float’, as well as scoops of choco mint, cherry swirl, and rocky road ice cream (anymore and we would have had an intense sugar rush). 

Georgie: Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Ice Cream floats, even as a kid and my many years working in an ice cream parlour. Always too sweet, too sickly and reminded me vaguely of sea foam and not in a fun way. Scream have changed my mind, maybe it was the free sample that did it or the quality of the ice cream itself but my eyes have been opened and I only now realise how blind I have been. 

Mary: With a shot of espresso added to your choice of ice cream, the ‘Lugosi’s Float’ is the one to order if you’re looking for a wake-up kick. If you like your coffee with milk and/or sugar, like I do, you may want to stay away from that and opt for a ‘Classic Float’ instead. I personally really liked the cherry swirl ice cream, it’s not too sickenly sweet and has a nice hint of cherry. The ice cream at Scream is delicious and the quality shines through in the taste.

A small venue with a big impact. Scream boasts colourful and enticing decorations with a friendly atmosphere, welcoming to all. Despite not having lots of seating the parlour has booths, benches and tables in which to relax and spend time with friends. A colourful and delicious intermission to our otherwise hectic and sometimes boring schedules.

The ice-cream sold at Scream is all sourced from Yorvale, a local Yorkshire farm, committed to sustainable and ethical production, minimising their energy and water usage. There was also no single-use plastic in sight as they served the ice creams and floats with wooden spoons, paper straws and in disposable cups. 

“I think it’s just great Yorkshire ice cream that you can enjoy whenever you want.”

– Sue from LUU

It opens until late, Monday to Friday (11am – 9pm), so you can grab a little treat whenever you’re craving something sweet. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…

Mary Yeh & Georgie Fuhri