Where To Get The Best Pot Plants For Your Room

They’re selling them everywhere – from Indie cafes and cool independent shops to big retailers like Next and M&S. So yes, they’re popular, but should we all be conforming to the house plant craze? With research suggesting plants positively influence our physiological and mental health, there seems to be no downside of spending your student loan purchasing them for your room to give it that clean, fresh feel. So, here’s where to get your hands on some sweet succulents in Leeds…

The Plant Point

Tucked away on the top floor of the Corn Exchange, this little store is literally filled to the absolute brim with any plant you could ever imagine. The succulents spill out the door onto the balcony.  It’s open every day except Mondays and offers a wide variety of greenery, with all shapes and sizes of plants catered for. There’re even tropical and unique style plants for those with more exotic taste. They also specialise in fresh flowers and bouquets if you want to get some brownie points and surprise your significant other.

Hyde Park Flower Club

If you’ve ever stopped for a coffee or attended a gig at Hyde Park Book Club then the beautiful flower displays have, without doubt, caught your eye. The leafy plants adorning the trademark wide windows are pretty unmissable. Luckily for you, all these are available to purchase, with hanging plants, succulents and cacti all sold on the premises. Even when the mini shop appears closed, you can take your finds to the Book Club till to pay so there’s really no missing out. 

Urban Outfitters

Maybe a slightly more expensive option- but, hey, student discount is a thing. Get yourself to Urban Outfitters in Trinity Shopping Centre for their token home range. There’s a huge array of succulents in stock, further proof that they’re very on trend right now, and the store also have cute plant pots to give your plant the perfect home. 

University fresher’s fair

If you feel like you can wait till the start of the next university year, when you’ll have a new room to kit out with all your trendy decorations, then catch the plant sale during fresher’s week. You’ll definitely find good deals, perfect for a student budget and you won’t even have to travel off campus. 

Kirkgate Market

Right in the city centre of Leeds we have Kirkgate market, the usual choice for students seeking bargain fruit and vegetables but also offering flower and plant stalls. The main establishments are Browns and M&D Flowers, both have a Victorian-style feel to them. Support the local businesses and take a walk through here next time you’re in town. It’s definitely a vibrant colourful experience set up in traditional style, for those wanting classic bouquets or plants with dazzling flowers. 


Still haven’t found the perfect house plant? Ikea definitely has you covered. Though we may wish for one to pop up in the city centre, you’re probably looking at a 20-30-minute bus ride to get here. Despite that, who can fault Ikea for it’s never-changing set up, and multitude of stylish plant accessories. Prices are low and you’ll be spoilt for choice here.   

Megan Johnson