Skeptical & Co Bring the Finest Drum and Bass to Wire

Stepping behind the 1s and 2s for a DJ masterclass, Skeptical provided Wire with an undeniable selection of drum and bass. Friday proved that Exit Records is one of the finest imprints going in U.K. music.

With Wire’s ceiling draped in army netting, and MC Fox prowling around the front of the decks, you may have mistaken last Friday for a midnight ramble in the suburbs. However, MC Fox isn’t a real fox of course, he is a lyrical legend, known for projecting his yardie tones over the finest of dnb.

Ashley Tindall’s assortment of minimal, vibey drums had everyone bopping instantaneously. Playing personal hits in the calibre of Mechanism and Imperial, as well as Kilinical’s ‘Around Me’, the DJ transitioned through 2 hours of unrivalled dubs and singles.

Equally, Jubei showed why so many of the greatest are dying to collaborate with him. Breakage, Alix Perez and Goldie have all hooked up on projects in recent years. Some 140 would have provided a more varied set, we all know the genre features heavily in his discography, but it was clear from the go that this would be a night in celebration of the 175 BPM.

After a slight hiatus, the Overflow crew seem well at home in the walls of Wire. Look out for any future events they have in Leeds.

Header Image from Discogs.