LUU Gender Pay Gap Narrows

Leeds University Union (LUU) reported a decrease in the mean gender pay gap of 2.1% in comparison with data from 2018.

LUU currently has a mean gender pay gap of 11.6% with the mean male pay rate reported as £10.24 and the female mean pay rate reported as £9.25.

For the proportion of women/men in the quartile pay bands has the highest difference between the genders. In 2018, 79.2% of women were in the lower quartile pay band compared to 20.8% of men.

This has decreased by 0.5% to 78.7% of women and increased by 0.5% to 21.3% of men. In the upper and upper middle quartiles, there is a greater number of females, suggesting a good gender balance in higher paid roles.

The number of females within the Senior Managers Group is significantly higher than the number of males.

The high number of females employed in entry level roles is the largest contributor to the gender pay gap figures.

The disproportionate number of females in lower paid roles correlates with LUU’s aim of employing as many student staff as possible which is influenced by the higher proportion of females at Leeds University compared to males.

The current makeup of the Leeds University student population is reported to be 60% female and 40% male.

LUU currently have a staff led Women’s Staff Network called the Women’s Collective which provides input and feedback on policy and initiatives relating to women’s issues in the workplace.

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