Some British Independent Fashion Brands to Support Now

Is this a strange time to be thinking about something as trivial as shopping? Have you been scrolling through websites as a form of entertainment but skipping the basket button as you feel a strange sense of guilt? Well, whilst it may seem an odd time to be splashing the money you could be saving in lockdown,  if you were wanting to lift your spirits with some new pieces – now is a great time to support brands that need it. Many small British fashion brands, particularly those who already work hard to source sustainable clothing, have suddenly been faced with a huge array of problems and little guidance on how to deal with them. So, here’s a pick of some of the best sustainable small companies to support during this strange lockdown period.

Hundred Club

Avrey Tee, £28 (credit: Hundred Club)

The concept of the hundred club is simple, they make just 100 of each item. Once they’re gone… they’re gone. This results in far less waste and makes the designs just that bit more exclusive. The brand’s printed t-shirts and jumpers are stand-out pieces as the designs are super fun, perfect for lockdown lounging.

Lucy & Yak

‘The Organic Original’ Corduroy Dungarees in Ash Pink, £54. (credit Lucy and Yak)

Lucy and Yak’s signature designs are not only super stylish but entirely eco-conscious too. Known for their funky dungarees, this indie brand pride themselves on the sustainability of their garments. So, if you wanted to live out your lockdown summer fantasies, then Lucy & Yak’s summer pieces are a great sustainable route to take.


SARINA WRAP DRESS, £60. (credit: Sisterhood)

Sisterhood are a Manchester-based brand who work closely with a small factory to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals and minimal waste in the production process. Sisterhood make beautiful skirts and dresses, so if you are in the market for stockpiling your summer wardrobe, they are a great place to start.  


Need a dose of virtuous retail therapy? Faye discusses some of the conscious, independent fashion brands to shop with now.
Plastic Ocean Jumper, £35. (credit: Rapanui)

Rapanui are an environmentally focused company based in the isle of Wight. They work diligently to maintain their ethics and even encourage customers to return their clothing at the end of its life cycle so it may be reused. Rapanui specialise in high-quality basics, so if cleaning out your wardrobe has been part of your quarantine chores, then Rapanui is a great place to restock.


credit: Sparelove

An independent sustainable t-shirt company based in London, Sparelove provide support for aspiring young British artists. Not only is your purchase showing kindness to young people and the planet in a trying time, 10% of their revenue is donated to charities throughout the UK.