Dressing Up Never Looked so Good

If you told me in 2019 in one year the whole world would grind to a halt in an attempt to slow down the spread of a global virus, I would say you were mad. Sadly, this is the situation we find ourselves in. Other than one wonderful trip outside each day, we are somewhat confined to our homes. Having read multiple tips on working from home or just staying sane stuck inside, one of the key suggestions for staying positive is getting dressed!

Wake up and take off those pyjamas and put on something which makes you feel fabulous. Suddenly, a trip from your bedroom to the kitchen feels like a catwalk show, and why not! Those heels that you can hardly walk in? Wear them to hoover the house. The outfit that looks better without shoes? Pop it on. The jacket that would get ruined in the unpredictable Northern weather? Get it on! If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s to live every day to the fullest, so start now by getting dressed!

When buying print magazines may not seem like the optimum idea for some of us right now, luckily we have influencers and celebrities gracing our screens with a bit of inspiration. Here’s some ideas for getting dressed up whilst staying in.

credit: @monikh
credit: @iamlaurajackson
credit: @wethepeoplestyle
credit: @tanyaburr
credit: @camillecharriere

title image credit: fashiontogrography.net