Seafret Takeover Stylus 13/03/2020

If you enjoy acoustic music and uniquely talented voices then by now you must have heard of Seafret, right? A band which is the perfect balance of bittersweet vibes and upbeat bangers.

Callum Spencer and Sophie Morgan were the perfect support acts. Both naturally really talented singers with a similar acoustic sound to Seafret, they did a brilliant job of setting the mood.

Sophie Morgan had a creative way of advertising her new EP Marmalade, selling her own homemade marmalade, which apparently took way too long to make. An incredible idea and you should definitely check out her new release!

Sophie Morgan taken by Lucy Slater

On to the main act… I was a bit concerned before they took to the stage that perhaps Seafret were one of those bands that you should never hear live, in case they couldn’t hit the notes in their studio releases, but I was SO wrong. 

Beautiful is the only word to describe Jack Sedman’s voice. Hearing him sing alongside Harry Draper’s incredible accompaniment on guitar is astonishingly far better than listening on Spotify, because only then do you realise how talented the pair really are.

Image by Lucy Slater

Jack’s outstanding voice was particularly noticeable when we, the crowd, attempted to sing along to their most popular songs, ‘Wildfire’, ‘Atlantis’, and ‘Magnetic’. Unfortunately for us, it became so clear why we were not up on stage in his place. 

Speaking to all the acts afterwards, they were all so friendly and it was also great to find out that most were local, Callum Spencer being from Skipton and Jack and Harry from Bridlington.

Friday the 13th was definitely not a cursed night for me, having the opportunity to hear them perform in Stylus. Seafret, “I want you and I always will”. I cannot wait until you are back in Leeds.

Seafret’s new album, Most of us are Strangers, is out now!