University of Leeds Student to be KFC’s Next Top Model

Chloe Simon, a third year English Literature and Language student at the University of Leeds, might just be KFC’s biggest fan. And boy, is she finger lickin’ good.

Back in February, KFC announced a competition to become their next billboard star.

University of Leeds student @chloesimonxo, who entered due to “a strong need to procrastinate and just to have a little laugh”, shared a photo of her and her boyfriend dressed in KFC aprons. She tweeted: “I spent all day making these. I still have them available upon request. The theme was: dress as your favourite thing. Says it all.”

Chloe had initially dressed up as the brand for a house party with the theme ‘dress as your favourite thing’, kitting herself and her boyfriend Drew out in handmade KFC aprons. And it turns out KFC-lovin’ runs in the family, as Chloe revealed to us that her mum won a huge KFC raffle a few years ago.

“KFC has always been my favourite takeaway; my mum and I would always choose it over anything else for a treat. My boyfriend and I also started having it quite regularly as a tradition – whenever we had a date night in, we’d treat ourselves to a KFC so it seemed apt to dress up as it together,” Chloe said.

She was chosen as a finalist against Twitter user @koalabeardy, who claimed he had made “100’s of orders” and shared a photo of him and his dog surrounded by empty KFC bags.

Chloe was quickly dubbed ‘Apron Gal’ and won the vote 63.2% to 36.8%.

As the winner of the KFC Fryer Me competition, Chloe wins a one-day experience at KFC’s Innovation Kitchen followed by a photoshoot in a nearby KFC restaurant. An image from the shoot will then be displayed in Chloe’s hometown of Blackpool and at least one KFC restaurant, including the restaurant in her area. Not only this, but Chloe also gets a juicy £150. Go on girl!

And finally, what’s her go-to KFC order?

“It definitely depends on my mood – I could easily say everything, but my usual choices range from boneless banquet or a mighty bucket for one if I’m really hungry… I do also love a fillet burger. And always a side order of 2 hot wings!”