#LeashLUU 2020: Which Dog Would You Like to Self-Isolate With?

Several weeks into lockdown and with most of the editorial team having moved back home for the time-being, there’s one group of individuals who have certainly enjoyed everyone being stuck at home with no choice but to take them on walks and cuddle them all day long.

Therefore we decided to do a little competition to brighten up your spirits between the team. So without further ado, please browse below and vote in our own very exclusive election for which dog you’d most like to self-isolate with.

LeashLUU 2020

First up is:


Age: 3 years

Breed: Labradoodle.

Weight: Almost eight stone.

Fun facts

He loves to bring presents to you if he hasn’t seen you in ten minutes or more. Presents can include shoes, pants and socks, stones and rocks or tea towels. The only thing Nev loves more than food or his ball is constant attention and fuss.

He also sits like a human in furniture and his favourite pastimes include watching the sheep on Countryfile and scrounging around the kitchen for food.


He’s very loveable and a bit of a gangly idiot. He’s incredibly loyal and protective, no cat or postman will ever get close without you knowing about it.


Nev’s a very needy boy and he’s constantly on his back asking for a belly scratch. He loves stretching out on the windowsill as if he isn’t fucking massive to soak up the rays (and keep a better eye on the street).

Neville “sitting like a human”


Key traits: Extremely lazy, friendliest dog you’ll ever meet.

Size: very big.

Fun facts

Her favourite things are soft toys and they will often be found hidden around the house. Sophie is a great self-isolation buddy because she hates doing things so will definitely be happy to have cuddles and company all day.


I rescued her from a bad life 7 years ago and she has changed so much- she is no longer in bad health and is enjoying a relaxing old age!


She hates exercise of all kinds and frequently has to be tempted on a walk with a carrot. She makes howling noises that resemble a donkey and when lonely she will be by your side snoring away without fail.


Age: 2/3.

Weight: Plus-sized king.

Fun facts: Has a need for CONSTANT games of fetch. Twin brother to Peach so it’s two for one.


He would be a great isolation partner because he would keep you permanently entertained.

He also wants scratches all day every day and he lets you spoon him. According to their owner, he’s everything you ever need in life really and she added: “can you tell I love my baby?”

He is also the most cuddly puppy ever, knows when you’re upset and when to comfort you. He can also do more tricks than peach with one caveat – as long as he knows he will get a treat.


He thinks the tv is the enemy and will bark through every programme you’re trying to watch.,


Age: 6

Weight: She thicc

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Fun facts: She is both terrified and in awe of our cats. She is in love with her cushion way too much and will violently attack her teddy.


Excellent guard dog. She will bark into the darkness for hours – you never know but she might have seen a ghost and she’s making sure it stays away.

Other threats include the teapot on top of the cupboard, newspaper blowing in the wind and the moon.

Great cuddles and will cuddle you for hours. She’s very loyal to Holly. She also provides plenty of entertainment. She will also eat any leftover bits of chicken or fish


Absolutely loves to eat and roll in sheep poo, honestly can’t get enough of the stuff. She doesn’t like to get wet.

She likes to visit the dogs next door, even in lockdown. The thirst is real.


Age: 2/3

Weight: Skinnier than Teddy.

Fun facts: Sister to Teddy so it’s two for one.


She would be a great isolation partner because she needs to be with you permanently so you’ll never get lonely. She will always keep you entertained and she is the most loving little baby in the world so will bring pure JOY.

She looks like a deer when she runs.


She is insane and will cry until you carry her around like a baby


Age: 3

Breed: An mutt from Hong Kong.

Fun facts:

He’s adopted and has a brother called Hans who was adopted on the same day as him. He also has a metal plate in his leg

Favourite food: Toast


His antics will keep you endlessly entertained and very busy as there may be a few messes to clean up. He is also very affectionate, will sing along to the theme songs of 90s soap operas and lick away your tears if you ever get sad.


He is about as stupid as he is handsome,


Age: 14/15

Weight: Skinny legend

Breed: Black labrador

Fun facts: Holly used to be scared about being in the house having always been an outside dog. She loves nothing more than her basket. She is an absolute fitness freak taking herself off on miles-long runs all by herself.

Though she can’t run anymore at the grand old age of 98 in dog years, she still takes herself off on a little walk every morning in the countryside. No wonder she’s still kept that hourglass figure


The most loyal dog ever, she will stay by your side if you’re ever outside gardening. She doesn’t lick and is always up for a walk.


Like Fizzy, she has an affinity for horse and sheep manure.

Vote for the dog you would most like to self-isolate with. May the best dog win.

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