Sunflower Thieves Deliver a Summer Soother on ‘Hide & Seek’

Opening with a rush of calming harmonies and the gentle strum of acoustics, ‘Hide & Seek’ sees Sunflower Thieves return to bring serenity to your ears once more. The Leeds based duo provided the perfect winter warmer with ‘Heavy Weight’, but their first release since then is the perfect soundtrack to lazy, languorous summer days. ‘Hide & Seek’ is the breeze that tickles you, breaking up the relentless heat with its gorgeously soothing tones.

The entangling of the two childhood best friend’s vocals is stunning as ever – they wash over you effortlessly. That childhood bond is keenly felt on ‘Hide & Seek’. It weaves a tale of a childlike peacefulness and curiosity, leaving you longing for the simplicity and comfort of childhood, especially as you wade through such tumultuous times. Sunflower Thieves have delivered what is becoming an idiosyncratic offering of comfort to guide you through.

Sonically, it is intrinsically soothing too. The gentility to the acoustic guitar remains throughout, soon joined by a clap of percussion that borders on euphoric. Sunflower Thieves are masters of comfort and calm, and the stripped back sound of ‘Hide & Seek’ testifies to this. Bask in it.