The Stylus Method Show They Are Ready To Roll

The Stylus Method’s debut EP is here and they are Ready to Roll. The Leeds-based four piece may have only formed over the last year or so, but their sound is solid and refreshing. Titular track ‘Ready to Roll’ opens the EP with breezy, laidback guitars and similarly relaxed vocals. It is filled with promise of what is to come, with tight harmonies and a slick sound that they carry through the EP.

‘Get On With The Show’ lives up to its name as it ups the tempo, the bands 60s rock and roll influences becoming increasingly transparent. Enthused with a self-assured energy, the track is infectious and brazen – they smoothly glide from playful and buoyant for the majority to a more taunting, subdued bridge.

The band are at their strongest in these calmer moments. ‘3 Hours’ is perhaps the standout track on the EP – gentle acoustics and minimal percussion combine for the most stripped-back of the four tracks, but arguably the most successful. It is soothingly soft, letting the bands vocal skills take centre stage as it lingers in more meditative territories. In an EP that is largely upbeat and lively, it is a rejuvenating moment of tranquillity and introspection.

This repose does not last long, however. ‘Where Is The Bee Gent?’ concludes the album with some familiar raucousness. The band have perfected their melodies, and it shines through on their final track – they hark back to some classic indie releases, but with an old-school twist that works immaculately. It is polished and refined whilst still maintaining an air of roguishness, epitomising the EP as a whole. Ready to Roll seems an apt name for the band’s first EP – they are ready and raring to take things further than here, and we can’t wait to see things pan out.