School of Design Class of 2020: Annabel Williams

This year all graduate’s endings turned out a bit differently than anticipated. However, for School of Design graduates, having no Graduate Fashion Week meant students were stitching, sketching, designing and shooting from home. In this feature, Fashion Design student Annabel tells us about her what putting together her shoot from home was like.

Tell us about the Concept of your Final Collection?

My final collection takes inspiration from brutalist architecture and the innovation behind the collection is modular design. The modular approach to design allows the wearer to construct/deconstruct and manipulate the garment to suit their needs or desires, through simple but striking fastenings. With the overall aim to avoid waste, as the consumer ideally will become more attached to the garment and less likely to dispose of it after a few wears.

Longevity is promoted throughout the collection, high quality and durable materials are key to making the garments last season after season. Drawing upon the initial inspiration for the collection (The Barbican centre) I looked at the hardness of the concrete buildings contrasted with the delicate plants in the conservatory, which led me to utilize a range of materials to create: structure and fluidity.

credit: Annabel Williams Design
credit: Annabel Williams Design

Tell us about the Shoot Process?

Initially, I planned to shoot my final collection first, in the university studio but eventually at the Barbican centre: which is where the inspiration for the collection came from. Due to the university closing, the studio shoot was cancelled and lockdown meant I couldn’t travel into London. So, I explored the option of shooting it at home or in my garden however, these locations didn’t reflect my collection very well. Therefore, I did some research and discovered a car park near home which featured interesting pillars and had a modern yet industrial feel to it. Due to lockdown the business car park was empty on the day. The photoshoot involved me as the photographer and my friend as the model. Once my final collection is complete I plan to reshoot all the pieces together at the Barbican centre, using my friends as models.

credit: Annabel Williams Design

Where Can We Find You?

Instagram: @annabelwdesign