How to Style Your Mask

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The most important item in everybody’s wardrobe has become their mask. Over the duration of the year, celebrities, influencers and other creatives have found new ways to make their masks a part of their everyday look. Whether you like a more causal fit or something a little more exciting, there is something for everyone in today’s lowdown on ‘How to Style Your Mask’. 

Keep it Simple 

Credit: ELLE UK

Dua Lipa is keeping it simple, sporting a plain black mask. What makes this look so good is that her choice of mask helps to add to her monochrome look. Styling these fitted black trousers with a silver chain detail alongside this white long-sleeve cut-out bodysuit makes for a classy but bold look, and her mask finishes off this look nicely. 

Where to buy?

Etsy: Linen Reusable Washable Face Mask @Myownitem, £8.50

Breathable and light, these simple linen masks from Etsy are suitable for everyday wear. You could mimic Miss Lipa’s style but make it more comfortable ready for campus life by replacing the trousers with black joggers or flared trousers. For the top, you could keep it casual by wearing a white satin corset with a mesh top underneath to replicate Lipa’s look. A block colour mask like the ones above are a good move since they go with any type of outfit. 

Keep it Sporty 

Model and YouTuber @cocoalizzy has gone for a sportier vibe, styling her mask with an oversized t-shirt and green FILA joggers. Finished with a cute khaki handbag, this sort of look is perfect for everyday life since it is practical, comfy and cool. Also, the fact that her t-shirt helps to spread the message makes this outfit even more iconic. 

Where to buy?

You could follow Lizzy and buy a mask from sports brands such as Adidas or Fila, however, it’s always good to try and support smaller independent brands. These sports illustration masks by @PumpedUpPrints come in various designs and definitely showcase that sporty spirit. Purchasing a matching set for sports teams would also be super cool.

Etsy: Sports Face Mask @PumpedUpPrints, £7.99

It’s super easy to recreate the vibe Lizzy has gone for because she has used pieces that everyone has in their wardrobe. Just grab your favourite pair of joggers and an oversized graphic t-shirt, play around with colours, add your chains and hoops like Lizzy, and you’re good to go. 

Keep It Arty 

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yes those are boobs on my mask

A post shared by ashley aka bestdressed (@best.dressed) on

YouTuber Bestdressed, aka Ashley, is known for her vintage aesthetic and fashion. This monochrome outfit she has put together is ideal for the upcoming autumn season, styling a ribbed pale beige button-up cropped cardigan with beige cargo pants, and adding a brown suede bag to complete the look. However, it’s Ashley’s mask that steals this show – purchased from the sustainable clothing brand OhSevenDays, this mask is covered in outline illustration. 

Where to buy?

Etsy: ‘Structured Printed Neoprene Face Mask’, @MaudLondon, £9.99

Out with the old and in with the new, these vibrant coloured masks feel so modern and trendy whilst the beautiful illustrations convey the more retro-art feel. These masks definitely feel like they have a story to tell. Yet, the best part about these isn’t just how they look but that you are directly supporting a local artist’s work. To style these masks, a colourful monochrome look is the way forward. I am just imagining the top mask matched with a full lilac or orange fit – iconic.

Etsy: ‘Rustic Plant Dyed Face Mask’, @BWilderdesigns, £10.00

If you are looking for something simpler or slightly more muted, these Rustic plant-dyed face masks may be for you. With a variety of versatile designs to choose from, these @BWilderdesigns are the ideal fit for autumn. I would pair one of these masks with an oversized jumper to create that cosy ‘outdoors’ look. 

Keep It Extra

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Ariana Grande has been one of biggest celebrity advocates for wearing a mask. In her memorable VMAS 2020 performance with Lady Gaga, Grande looked straight at the camera and readjusted her mask. Ariana is a glamorous woman who thrives off futuristic and sparkly looks. She has successfully encapsulated this aesthetic through her choice of mask, opting for this super out-there sequin mask with simple yet dramatic eye-look to match. 

Where to Buy

Etsy: ‘Sequin Glitter Face Mask’ @PersianMaskFashions, £10.58  

Although this mask is not the most subtle, it is good dupe for Ariana’s, and would be the perfect fit for any club nights which may be held in the future (Covid permitting). Even if you are not one to dress up that much but want to be a bit more creative with styling your mask, you could just focus on creating interesting eye looks like Ariana has done – look to Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration.

Keep it Cottagecore 

Cottagecore has become such a buzzword this year in the world of aesthetics and Instagram. The Korean-American creator of the ever-so-popular character Esther Bunny, Esther Kim, captures the Cottagecore aesthetic through her pretty pink gingham mask and puff-sleeved cream dress. Her own Esther Bunny Bag and Chanel black wellington boots are the perfect accessories to complete this gorgeous look. 

Where to buy: 

Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Mask, $50.00

Designer of this summer’s viral sensation ‘The Strawberry Dress’, Lirika Matoshi has made the sweetest strawberry mask to match. Matoshi has also created other glitter designs which can be viewed on her official website. Costing $50, these beauties are quite pricy, but if you wanted to make a real fashion statement and support an upcoming independent designer this is the one for you. 

Look to Depop for a more affordable alternative. Creator @dreamglowstudio is selling this pretty ‘Strawberry Face Mask’ for £7. This mask paired with a delicate and light flowing dress would be a match made in heaven and make for the perfect picnic look. 

Depop: Strawberry Face Mask, @dreamglowstudio, £7.00

Creator @Caddiepie has created a mask with a message. These gorgeous pink gingham masks look similar to Esther Kim’s, but with a special touch, including the messages ‘Save Lives’ and ‘Wear Da Mask’. This pretty gingham pink would look so cute with a lace or off-the-shoulder top or dress. 

Depop: ‘WEAR A DAMN MASK’, @caddiepie £10.00

If you are out and about on campus, make sure to follow guidelines and wear a mask to protect people and lives! 

How will you style your mask? 

Header image: Influencer Kozue Akimoto wearing a face mask at Paris Fashion Week, February 2020. Credit: The Telegraph