Making Money at University: Best Side Hustle Ideas

Business Editor Alba Goskova explore ways to make money whilst at university.

Life at university is expensive and that is no secret. After paying for necessities like rent and food, students are often left with little to spend on societies and clubs, nights out or university trips. Whether you are a domestic student who finds their maintenance loan insufficient for their expenses or an international student looking to make your studies in Leeds a more affordable experience, here are some side hustle ideas to help you create an income stream. 

Get a Part-Time Job 

The most traditional way to make money at university is by finding part-time or temporary employment. Start looking for jobs through Joblink, a Leeds University Union service that allows employers in the area to post job openings that are specifically targeted at students. The union itself advertises a variety of vacancies on their website that range from a cashier at the Co-op to catering assistant at Old Bar. If you find it difficult to commit to permanent employment, you should be on the lookout for temporary positions on sites like Unitemps as employers usually need extra staff during busy seasons. One thing is for sure: by getting a job at university you are not only receiving paychecks for your hard work, but you are also dipping your toes into financial independence and collecting valuable work experience. It’s a win-win! 

Sell Your Items Online 

Credit: Thankfifi, Wendy H Gilmour

Do you have a pile of clothes in your room that you barely wear anymore? If this sounds like your current situation, then you might consider selling some items on platforms such as Amazon, Facebook Marketplace or Depop to earn some extra cash. Before getting started, it is worth considering the initial price and the condition of what you are selling, as well as the fees these sites impose. There is no minimum number of hours required and you might become more business savvy in the process. What else could you ask for? 

Do Paid Tasks 

Do you have a particularly strong skill that you wish to monetise? Maybe you like to prepare organised notes and make a to-do list every day or maybe you have a knack for writing code? If so, you can offer your services on websites such as TaskRabbit or Upwork which allow individuals or businesses to find suitable professionals for an upcoming project. By doing such tasks you have the freedom to decide on your workload, adjust your working hours so that they do not interfere with your timetable and enhance an existing skill. 

Be a Tutor 

If you believe you are an expert in an area of study and would like to make a profit from sharing your knowledge, consider becoming a tutor. Whether you are a math whiz or a fluent speaker of a foreign language, it is likely that there are parents looking for someone to tutor their children in a subject they struggle with. If you would still like to teach while social distancing, online tutoring is available on platforms such as MyTutor. Evaluate your competence and experience, do your research on the local average hourly rate and get started! 

Become a Brand Ambassador 

Is there a brand or a business you are absolutely a fan of? It may be worth checking their website or emailing them to find out if they are looking for brand ambassadors. Apart from the good pay and the numerous perks that come with the job, being a brand ambassador will help you grow your network, develop transferable skills, and learn more about the brand and the type of employee they are looking for.

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