The Ultimate Hangover Cures

This year’s Freshers’ Week may be a slightly different experience than previous years, but if there is one thing we can nearly guarantee, it’s the involvement of a hangover at some point. With two years of university experience under my belt, one skill I am yet to master is the ability to tame a hangover well enough to still manage that 9am lecture, but I’ve definitely found some tricks that may help along the way (and others which provide absolutely no benefits whatsoever). From my trials and errors (many, many errors), I have compiled a list of some well-known hangover cures and assessed whether they truly cut it (or if they’re complete nonsense) so that you don’t have to!


As simple as it sounds, water really is the basis of any good hangover cure. Sure, it’s not the most exciting cure on the list and you’re probably going to need to drink a lot of it to really start feeling better, but if there’s one thing you definitely need after a late-night drinking, it’s rehydration. I have found that a glass of water before bed then another in the morning normally sets the hangover recovery process well into motion, and even better it’s the cheapest and most convenient method.

Rating – 8/10


“Vegan Fry Up” Image Credit: Supper in the Suburbs

Fatty foods sometimes feel like exactly what you need to perk yourself up again, and it turns out all the protein found in eggs, bacon and sausages (and their meat-free counterparts) may actually be pretty helpful in getting you back on your feet again after a rough night! This is possibly the most expensive and time-consuming option on the list, making it not the most student-friendly option, and let’s be honest who really wants to cook a full fry-up while hungover? Though, it is definitely essential that you get some food in your stomach to make you feel human again.

Rating – 6/10


I would always recommend as a student having paracetamol or ibuprofen to hand. Combine this with plenty of water and you have a winning combination on your hands. My personal routine is a glass of water before bed followed by a glass of water and pain killers as soon as I wake up, and after another few hour’s rest I feel as if the night before never even happened!

Rating – 9/10

Ginger Tea

“Ginger Tea” Image Credit: Times Now

Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects, which can prove really useful in helping to reduce symptoms of nausea associated with a hangover. Using slices of ginger or ginger teabags over hot water, along with a little bit of honey to sweeten, makes this a really simple but effective way of combating the nausea, and it’s pretty tasty too!

Rating – 7/10

Green Smoothies

Whether they contain spinach, kale, broccoli or any other green vegetables, there’s no denying that these smoothies are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants, which in theory could help replace those lost during a long night of drinking. Despite this, I don’t think any amount of convincing could get me to drink another one of these drinks again. Utterly disgusting, and zero hangover relief!

Rating – 0/1


Undoubtedly, a cup of coffee will wake you up enough to give you energy for the day but is likely to leave you feeling groggy, drained and unable to concentrate when you’re crashing from the caffeine. Thus, I’d recommend coffee as a quick fix for those times you really need to drag yourself out of bed for a couple of hours, but not if you have a full day of lectures ahead of you.

Rating – 4/10

Header Image Credit: MOB Kitchen