The Best Online Workout Channels For at Home Exercise

Below is a list of Sarah’s favourite online workouts! All of these workouts are freely accessible on Youtube, and catered to at-home exercise.

  1. Chloe Ting
“Chloe Ting” Credit: Youtube

With over 15 million subscribers on YouTube and her notoriously catchy (kind of annoying) non-copyright background music, Chloe Ting really is the new queen of Youtube workouts. During lockdown her ‘Two Week Shred’ challenge went viral, with girls far and wide sharing their ‘before and after’ comparison vids and pics, and there is plenty more where that came from!

The channels main attraction is its free content which is second to none. The staple feature of Chloe’s channel are the challenges, which each come with a tailor-made plan from her website. Now, influencers are in the habit these days of bringing out workout plans for a pretty penny once their subscriber / follower count reaches the heights. Chloe Ting, however, (thankfully for us) is still giving out her content for free! So, you get a workout plan without paying any kind of premium — ideal.

The challenges cover the usual suspects: abs, bum, legs etc. A downside is they can get pretty repetitive as a plan usually consists of different combos of 4-6 videos. However, the shortness of the challenges easily counteracts this. It’s also nice to look back a week in and think how much more of a pro you now are at plank hip dips than you were at the beginning of the week (heads up they’re not fun).

2. Madfit

“Madfit” Credit: Youtube

You may have heard of Madfit because of her TikTok dance workouts — literally three minutes long and they will have you puffing. The dance workouts are her USP and no wonder they have made her channel so popular — it really doesn’t feel like exercising at all. One of her most recent videos is ‘One Direction Dance Party Workout’ — yes please!!

Madfit is no one trick pony though, scrolling through her videos you’d be hard pushed not to find something that works for you. Cardio HIT workouts, toning, weights or no weights, high and low impact, yoga and stretching videos — she really has it all. Another reason Madfit has become so popular are her specifically ‘no jumping’ workouts which are aimed at people in apartments, but very useful for us Uni students too! I don’t know about you but ideally, I don’t want my poor housemate attending their 3pm lecture to think I’m about to come through the ceiling whilst doing my star jumps.

You also get the impression Madfit really knows what she’s doing. There is a lot of focus on technique in her videos and also breathing, which at first can seem a little bit silly, but it really does mean you’re feeling it the next day.

3) Tiffany Rothe Workouts

“Tiffany Rothe” Credit: Youtube

A lesser known channel but definitely a hidden gem! Tiffany Rothe’s workouts are all streamed live on her channel but stay available to use once they are finished. These are the closest you can get to a workout class without having to slog to the gym or pay for the privilege! These videos are always high energy and definitely a pick me up. If you are wanting a longer workout these are perfect as they range between the half hour and hour mark usually and include a warm-up and cool down which don’t appear in the shorter workout videos of Chloe Ting and Madfit. I find the real time workouts so much more motivating; I am more likely to stick with Tiffany than give up which is easier to do with pre-recorded edited vids. Definitely check her out if you want a longer and more realistic work out class experience!

Header image credit: Los Angeles Times