Black-Owned Clothing Brands You Need To Start Buying From

Over the past few months, it has become even more apparent than it already was that we must raise awareness and provide our support towards the black community. There are several ways we can demonstrate our allyship; by joining a protest, educating ourselves through books and films, donating to charities and staying informed with the news. However, another important contribution would be to purchase from black-owned businesses as they face greater unemployment rates and difficulty attaining business loans. Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic has caused further strains on black business owners meaning they’re now twice as likely to fold, so now is a better time than ever to put your money where your mouth is. If you were waiting for a sign to spend money on clothes for the post-coronavirus world, this list of local black-owned brands is exactly what you need for sustainable pieces that will make a change in more than one way. 

Sika Designs

Phyllis Taylor, creative director, and Afua Hirsch, fashion author and broadcaster, are the heads of this brand. Although designed in London, all of their clothing are made by hand in Ghana under ethical conditions. Their garments compose a range of patterned pieces in flattering colours suitable for professional and casual wear for women. 

Earth Toned Collective

Founded by Shalisia L. Hyman, this brand manufactures vibrant women’s apparel inspired by black fashion throughout the 50s to the 70s. Their materials are sourced globally and locally through two initiatives, ETC Eco which draws from organic/raw textile and ETC Revive which uses recycled/dead stock textiles. Additionally, scraps are recycled for details on the clothing.

Nyla Rei

The Birmingham based influencer behind this brand, Vanessa Daniels, designs womenswear that combines comfort and minimalism. The range of materials used for their clothing include biodegradable fibres, deadstock fabrics and scraps from the fashion industry. Additionally, the garments are produced in limited stocks. They also manufacture their pieces through a small factory run by a family as well as numerous local, independent seamstresses.

Aff & Jam 

Founders, Kelesie and Jaymie, produce clothing for women that are literally – wearable art. Their mostly neutral colored garments decorated with line and shape artwork, inspired by faces and femininity, are printed and painted by hand. The fabrics they use are organic and sourced locally then manufactured by fair trade certified factories.

Header image credit to Earth Toned Collective.