Greentea Peng calls for a Revolution with her new single

Though summer is slipping away, some of us are still yearning for those sunny festival vibes; Greentea Peng provides in her new track ‘Revolution’, a spiralling reggae inspired number. Her lilting and silky sibilant vocals slide over this psychedelic music, with twinkling guitar weaving through the dub sound.

Greentea Peng’s Revolution (Official Music Video) on YouTube

Lyrically, it’s far from frivolous- the description for its music video reveals that this track is a response to the current social and political climate. ‘A result of recent turmoil: political, societal, and individual. 2020, a painfully transformative year for the collective. Revolution is a product of this pain and also the anger we’ve been struggling to move through, at the same time it represents the hope conjured.’ Greentea Peng perfectly expresses her disillusionment through the yearning tone of this track, posing the question: ‘Feels like a revolution / But whose revolution?’

The track feels woefully short, leaving you wanting more- perhaps this song, alongside its twin release ‘Hu Man’, is hinting at a full EP or even an album. She has already confirmed a UK tour for 2021.

Green Tea Peng’s UK tour dates 2021 / Credit: @greenteapeng on Instagram

Header image: Greentea Peng. Credit: DIY.