The gryph-online: The arts and culture editors’ top stream picks

Print Editor Sinead O’Riordan: Synecdoche, New York, Charlie Kaufman (Amazon Prime)

Image Credit: originalfilmart

This is a weird one to wrap your head around. It‘s basically a film about a play about a play, with all linear understanding of time and ageing melting away. A woman’s house is always on fire but you never find out why. The film makes you feel a bit stupid and there‘s something enjoyable about that.

Print Editor Owen Frost: Serial, This American Life ( Anywhere you listen to podcasts)

Image Credit: This American Life

As someone who is not an avid podcast listener but always wishes he was, I could not recommend “Serial” from This American Life to you enough. It is thought-provoking and thoroughly absorbing. Each series is hosted by Sarah Koenig as she takes you through different epochs of real-life American crime. By the end, you’ll even love the Mail Chimp advert. Beware of later series past series one, however, as they go downhill a tad.