Ep 3. Mandalorian Review: ‘The Heiress’

Where to even begin? This, much like this season’s premiere, is one of the show’s best episodes. We begin with Mando attempting to land the very damaged Razorcrest in a stunning sequence that has been confirmed to be a homage to Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 (this episode is directed by his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard). I cannot preach enough about how beautiful these episodes are. Seriously, every shot looks stunning. Any digital additions are barely noticeable and, as per Star Wars tradition, practical effects are blended in, adding to it further. The score is also something special.

This episode is the shortest of this season so far, which might put some people off, however, it ultimately doesn’t need to be any longer. It feels perfect; nothing is rushed and nothing is dragged out. On the whole, this show makes full use of the streaming format like not many other shows of its kind have. There’s no set length that the episodes have to be, so they’re as long as the story needs. This is a prime example of a shorter episode that still tells a really great story.

Image Credit: Disney+/LucasFilms

From the opening, it goes from strength to strength. We reach the point that many Star Wars fans have been looking forward to the first transition of an animated character into live-action. I’ll avoid spoilers, since it’s best to experience this old friend without prior knowledge of who it is. From this meeting, we get some incredible action sequences, and the seeds for the rest of the season (and potentially the rest of the show) are sown. For the first time, Din Djarin’s beliefs are questioned; there’s an element of development that accompanies this particular episode. Again, this season, on the whole, has a better handle on how to use the ‘adventure of the week’ structure, with said adventures fitting within a larger narrative. There’s a sense of momentum; we’re heading towards something big.

Overall, this latest episode is an excellent action-adventure that really helps to push the overall story of Mando and the child further. With the introduction of animated characters into live-action, the show continues to make excellent use of existing Star Wars lore while telling a new story. This episode gives you one hell of a Star Wars buzz.

Image Credit: Disney+/LucasFilms