‘I’m A Celeb’ is back and better than ever

Say what you like, as soon as you hear the drums of the I’m A Celebrity theme tune, it instantly feels like Christmas time. 

This year is no different. In fact, it is almost more exciting. It is the 20th anniversary of the series, plus we’re all in another lockdown…what’s your excuse not to watch?

I’ll admit, I was sceptical when I heard that the show would be set in Wales. Initially, this seemed to take away from the shows appeal. However, I think it is a welcome change we all need. While some people may say that the shows’ old format was getting boring, it is a positive then that COVID-19 meant a new location and a bit of a shakeup. Just in time for their anniversary series. 

The castle, Gwyrch Castle in Wales, is a stunning location. The producers have made a great campsite out of what they have to work with and managed to rework the whole show in a short amount of time and in a different country to what they are used to. 

From ITV Studios I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

So far, the trials have been set and themed around the castle, such as in dungeons or the celebrities indulging on feasts ‘fit for a king’. We’ve been thrown into the action straight away, with radio DJ Jordan North puking up on top of a cliff. The show certainly hasn’t lost its entertaining touch and unfortunately for Jordan, his moment of weakness has now exposed him to the scariest creature of them all, that is the British public. 

This is what makes the series, as long as they keep bringing out original and amusing trial ideas, can we ever get bored of laughing at celebrities screaming at snakes, or with a sheep’s testicles hanging out of their mouth? 

I am still unsure on the line-up this year though. Fronting the group, and possibly this years’ highlight is Sir Mo Farah. However, many social media fans have commented that they are unaware of who the rest of the line-up is. However, with shows like these, the audience usually ends up getting to know and love the cast after a few days in. But, will this group provide the much-loved drama and tension that has been in previous years? I’m not too sure. 

This won’t stop me watching though, I have found my entertainment for lockdown. My I’m A Celeb app is already downloaded and ready to crown a king or queen of the castle!

Image Credit: Tellymix