Overmono keep up the good work on new EP ‘Everything U Need’

Overmono returned to XL Recordings for their 9th release off the back of one of the standout dance tracks of 2019 – “Le Tigre” (Poly Kicks). No strangers to writing underground hits, brothers Ed (a.k.a. Tessela) & Tom Russell (a.k.a. Truss) have seen immediate success again, with fans keen to guarantee their copy, causing the EP selling out a week in advance of the release date.

The title track is a melancholic de-tuned driven piece of techno somewhat reminiscent of “Le Tigre” in its use of melody for progressing the track. Pad chords rise up through the track before adding chopped pithed vocals give it a very UK sound. The second track “Aero” is rather underwhelming, very much of the same melodic driving UK Techno feel as the premier track, but lacks anything that grabs the attention. “Clipper – Another 5 years” [apparently a nod to the late guv’nor] for me is the standout track of the EP. The warping bass, punchy percussion and melodic elements are excellent and moving. Again vocal chops accentuate the rhythm while the bass and pads progress the track forward. The final track “Verbossa” is much tougher, beginning with sparse melodic elements, rising synths and dramatic breakdowns, before adding melancholic melodies and very damp sounding percussion.

Overall the EP is good, the rhythms and melodies are catchy without being cheesy. It appears the brothers are developing a distinctive sound of their own. All the tracks achieve that sense of familiarity and make me miss the club in a big way. However, familiarity is one downfall of this EP, it feels very reminiscent of their previous solo release to receive the same praise. This EP lacks the wow factor of some of their previous releases but nonetheless is a solid addition to their perennial output.

Header image via Dummy Mag