Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke return with collaboration ‘Her Revolution / His Rope’

Lockdown 2.0 might be over, but its sombre mood lingers as we enter the Christmas period in tiers (and perhaps also in tears). Fortunately, Burial, Four Tet, and Thom Yorke have collaborated to provide the perfect melancholic musical accompaniment for a 2020 winter that seems dreary in both weather and spirit. On December 11th, the trio dropped tracks ‘Her Revolution’ and ‘His Rope’ on streaming services, shortly after their release on vinyl with XL Recordings last week.

‘Her Revolution’ is an atmospheric, muffled track that combines a subtle beat, disjointed piano and strings, and dreamy vocals “breaking through the moonlight.” The song crackles in its hazy production; it’s not difficult to see why it was released on vinyl first.

Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke – Her Revolution via XL Recordings on YouTube

‘His Rope’ is a little less understated; Yorke’s gloomy vocals are pushed further to the forefront with harsher, darker lyricism, “total self-destruction”, juxtaposed with softer imagery, “drips of honey / eyes dilate.” The production underneath is still similarly subdued and steady. Together, the two Massive Attack reminiscent tracks provide soothingly dismal and ambient background music for wintry “morning mist” or late-night listening, when we too might be “losing our way / Between.”

Expectedly, physical copies sold out fast and resale prices are already extortionate. Luckily, both tracks are available to stream now: 

Header image credit: The Vinyl Factory.