The Return of Noughties Fashion – why ‘y2k’ style is on the rise

We might think of the 2000s as a time defined by ultra-thin eyebrows and Ugg boots but noughties fashion is making a huge comeback. Despite the decade producing some questionable trends which may never be back in style – think Justin and Britney’s VMAs denim overload – a nod to the noughties is quickly becoming essential to achieving quintessential 2020 cool. So how did 2000s style go from tired to trendy?

Maddie’s iconic purple Euphoria co-ord. Image credit: HBO.

Today’s pop culture harbours nostalgia for noughties style. HBO’s 2019 teen drama Euphoria has seen major success and the show is not only commended for its gritty plot but also its perfect Gen Z wardrobe. Costume designer Heidi Bivens created a perfect balance between nineties and noughties influence and current trends. The show featured cult modern brands such as I Am Gia and Reformation and well as vintage and one of a kind pieces. The influence of Euphoria on recent trends is huge, with the imitation of Maddy’s iconic purple co-ord by several brands being a clear signal of the popularity of this style which fuses the nostalgic and the new. 

Social media has undoubtedly contributed to the comeback of 2000s style. The rise of ‘y2k’ fashion has been perpetuated by Instagram aesthetic accounts which post noughties throwbacks or y2k inspired fashion – defined by bold, girly colours, the return of iconic brands such as Juicy Couture and low rise looks. Accounts composing these mood boards rake in huge followings – @velvetreprise has 121k.

Image credit: Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters.

Celebrity style has also nodded to the noughties recently. After 2000s icon Paris Hilton reuniting with Kim Kardashian for a photoshoot in velour tracksuits, Juicy is back. The brand’s collab with Urban Outfitters has created a modern version of the iconic diamanté ‘Juicy’ logo on pastel coloured velour tracksuits. Low rise is also back with Emily Ratajkowski’s looks taking the trend all the way to the red carpet.

Shopping in 2020 has seen a huge rise in the popularity of thrifting. Vintage clothing is in and it’s easier than ever to shop when cute y2k pieces can be found anywhere from your local charity shop to on Depop. Noughties-inspired fashion is also permeating the high street. Brands like Brandy Melville and Subdued are the favourites of influencers and some of the most talked about stores in London.

Image Credit: Getty Images.

So what trends of the 2000s have definitely made a come back and how can you wear them? Look to Juicy Couture for the ultimate Paris Hilton inspired look. Jasper Cunningham’s rhinestone tees are quickly becoming a must have item on Pinterest and they work perfectly with a Juicy look. Low rise is in again in both jeans and skirts, pair them with a graphic baby tee (Realisation Par’s range is size inclusive and dreamy) for a noughties inspired look. See Urban Outfitter’s collaboration with Miss Sixty for denim which screams 2000s nostalgia. In make up look to Euphoria for graphic liner and bold diamanté eye looks which put a Gen Z spin on noughties shimmer. Coloured lens glasses are all over Instagram with small frames being supermodel favourites – Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear epitomises vintage-cool sunglasses. Shoulder bags are as much of a wardrobe staple now as they were in the 2000s and are perfect for going out when paired with a lingerie inspired top – available in high street stores and extremely popular on Depop and in vintage shops. Cowboy boots are also back with Brandy Melville’s cowgirl themed tees being a modern manifestation of this trend. There are some noughties trends we definitely still don’t love but the rise of y2k fashion is hard to ignore and nostalgically enticing. We might not have expected to be dressing like Lizzie Mcguire or Groovy Chick over ten years later, but these new trends are super cute and bring fun and colour into fashion in a world disheartened by 2020’s many challenges.