Winter skincare saviours

Winter can be a difficult season in many ways; darker mornings make it seem impossible to get out of bed in the morning, and the colder weather makes you want to wrap that duvet back around you even tighter. Winter can also be a difficult time if, like me, you suffer from dry skin. With the colder weather and the lack of outdoor time (especially in the current circumstances), my skin can often feel tight and begin to look dull – much like the weather outside at the moment – if not treated with the right products. But fear not! In this article I will be sharing some tried and tested skincare favourites and organising them into a well-rounded skincare routine, giving your skin a little treat this January at a student-friendly price!


Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser- Superdrug- £4.99 (includes muslin cloth)

The first step of the routine and our first product is the hot cloth cleanser from the Vitamin E range at Superdrug. This product is effective in both removing makeup and cleansing the skin to get rid of any dirt which may have built up during the day. Vitamin E is known for its skin nourishing benefits so this cleanser is perfect for this time of year. I would recommend using this cleanser twice a day as a key part of your morning and evening skincare routine to see the best results. Also, this cleanser is an amazing dupe for the well-known (and very pricy) Liz Earle cleanse and polish at 1/6 (!!!!) of the price!


St Ives Nourishing and Sooth Face Scrub- Superdrug- £5.69

Next up we have an exfoliator, helping get rid of dead skin cells and giving your skin that fresh-looking glow which can be so hard to achieve in the winter months. This one is made from oatmeal extract and uses 100% natural exfoliants, which means no harsh beads to irritate the skin. I would recommend using this around 3 times a week after cleansing. Plus, this can double up as a mask so is a great multi-functional product which will leave your skin feeling soft and fresh.


Vitamin C Tonic with Fruity Acids- Superdrug- £4.99

Until recently, toning my skin is something that I often neglected, but I felt as though I needed something to give my skin an extra little boost in the winter months when it started to look particularly dull. The vitamin C in this toner really helps to brighten and even out my skin tone, and its fruity scent helps to wake up your senses on dark winter mornings. 


Vitamin E Moisturising Cream- Superdrug- £4.49

Last but certainly not least we have moisturiser. This is a really important step for making sure your skin is well nourished and protected from the harsh winter conditions and other causes of environmental damage. So rub in a good amount of this product both in the morning and the evening and hopefully your skin will not suffer too much this winter!