Five tracks to get you through Lockdown 3.0

All we can do in this horrible lockdown is wait for another Boris update. In the meantime, however, here’s some music to soothe the pain.

  1. Vinyl – BERWYN

I have to thank my brother for putting me onto BERWYN last year. His self-produced latest single ‘Vinyl’ comes after the release of his 2020 project DEMOTAPE/VEGA. Trinidad and Tobago born but London based, you definitely get the raw sense of the life he has lived thus far. He’s been compared to singers like James Blake and Sampha and you definitely hear the melancholy and hunted vibes come through.

  1. Areyeng – Marcus Harvey

Another artist I discovered last year, currently getting me through these past few days is Marcus Harvey. A South-African born singer/rapper/songwriter/producer/all-round talented artist. ‘Areyeng’, the first track on his debut album, is one of those songs where the vocals are so beautiful they transcends language barriers. With lyrics in Sesotho, you can read the song breakdown here.

  1. Good Days- SZA

Up there with my favourite SZA songs, this track feels nostalgic. You will enjoy if you like the alternative R&B sound. I love the layering in this song, from the beautiful combination of sounds and Spanish guitar in the intro, you can tell from jump that you are going to be at peace listening to this track. The backing vocals from Jacob Collier on the chorus are a much welcomed addition also.

  1. Eugene- Arlo Parks

Upon first discovering from the beautiful music video directed by The Coyle-Larner Brothers, thankfully delivered to me via my youtube algorithm, I knew then, in that moment, that the song would be a great comfort. With a voice as smooth as silk, Arlo’s vocals almost wrap you in this protective bubble from anything you have to deal with in the outside world. With confessional lyrics, she marries raw yet tender emotion really well.

  1. Blessings – dvsn

Beginning with gospel-inspired choir vocals we have a shift in content focus from dvsn. Small small growth if you will. With the arrival of the deluxe album Amusing Her Feelings, a play on the original project title, we are not to let the gospel sample distract us from the fact this is still a dvsn track. The soulful vocals of Daniel Daley carry us through, the perfect blend of sensual and spiritual.

Header image via Transgressive Records