RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Episode 6: Snatched!

Warning, this piece contains spoilers!

Snatch Game separates the weak queens from the strong: this season’s edition was no different. A poor Snatch Game performance will always be remembered, as will a brilliant one: take Roxy Andrews’ portrayal of Alaska and Alaska’s portrayal of Mae West in All Stars 2 as examples. We’ll let you guess which is which.

Bimini’s choice of Katie Price for Snatch Game was infallible: it was blatantly obvious that she would win the challenge as soon as she opened her mouth and asked “Is it cold in here or is it just my nipples?” What came next was priceless: “you know what they say Ru? The nipples are the eyes of the face, and you’ve got gorgeous nipples”, and naturally, that had Ru in stitches. A win well-deserved, darling. Honourable mention also goes to Tayce for her stunning depiction of Jane Turner. We won’t discuss Tia’s Mel B or Lawrence’s Miriam Margolyes.

Disappointing though it is, it has to be said that Gemma Collins’ presence was a little dry. Hilarious though she is, her contributions are proof that the funniest figures can be rendered the opposite when reduced to a script. The BBC should have let her run riot a little more.

Sister Sister and Ellie Diamond were safe having made little to no impression in the Snatch Game, and A’Whora’s Louis Spence was a little slept on, though Twitter has since highlighted that the exaggerated lisp was unnecessary:  

The prehistoric runway turned some looks, with fairly elementary interpretations from Lawrence and Ellie to the more creative from Bimini and Tayce. Tia’s pterodactyl look was cute, but sadly, it ultimately wasn’t enough to save her. And yes, that hat did give slight pigeon vibes, but we move.

This week provided soft moments from both Ellie Diamond and A’Whora, who shed slight tears in discussing their relationship with family and self-confidence respectively. We’ve seen A’Whora break down her barriers in previous tender moments, but this is a first from Ellie: last week’s episode of ‘Queens On Lockdown’ revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic rendered Ellie and her family homeless, and she was forced to stay with friends until she could find her feet.

Now, a moment to talk exclusively about Miss Bimini Bon Boulash, who is giving everything right now with none of the accompanying ego that many queens fall victim to. Her runway concept was high fashion, with the shoes screaming Gaga and the white contacts American Horror Story. This earnt her praise from HRH Princess Julia, who she portrayed in the British gay icon challenge in week one.

All week, she’d been teasing on Twitter that this week’s runway was to die for, but wow. Each time we think we’ve seen the best of Bimini, we’re proven wrong. From week one, her Norwich City strip (literally) dazzled, and even though she ended up lip-syncing, we were fed with her sultry moves to Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax.’ In the sewing challenge, she provided couture even though she had previously confessed to have questionable sewing skills, and last week’s seaside runway provided pure BBB elegance. Shall we crown her now, or?

Though we knew it was coming from the moment she failed as Mel B in Snatch Game, it was genuinely sad to see Tia Kofi sashay away. Should’ve worn the leopard print, girl. In her third lip sync of the season, she finally succumbed, but it’s safe to say that she left quite the impression, with RuPaul stating with rather genuine enthusiasm that she will “always” be her “cup of tea.”

Next week, the queens will embark on another design challenge and transform into “lockdown super she-roes”, and, of course, the obligatory appearance from Raven will feature. Bring it on, baby.  

Image: BBC.